TranZit Ending Discovered!

Black Ops II Wii-U

Crushil, if it really worked i will record it for you in a live game and upload if not then  stop trolling gt is dprice12 psn

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because i tried and it didnt work either so if you can get it once you can get it again

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The start-post was you first post on this forum, it's been almost 2 days after that, you replied 30 times already, but didn't get a video up till now?

You're not a troll, but just a BS-er.

And Ppl, why is this thread 13 pages long? Who's to blame of them coming back, I wonder. #smh

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Im an idiot? and your reported for abuse/trolling. Almost all of us have tried this, and IT DOESNT WORK. yet you still try to keep up the charade, please keep it up and get banned....

and cryptonNL your right, this thread shouldnt be this long, I for one am done bothering with it, as long as anything else Crushil ever says, obvioulsy doesnt know what he is talking about...

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Not sure about the rest of y'all, but I'm smelling some stanky ass TROLL SHIT!! Your telling us that out of the 4 of you so called "ending discoverers" that none of you can post video proof?? What's even more sad is that you have the time to waste on such an elaborate story for a little bit of attention.. I'm calling Troll Shit until you prove it.. Getting off my soap box now... Haha

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Ok its been 6 years now... You might not see this anymore beacuse of the release of black ops 4 and this post is outdated. Its basically NOT the way to get the TRUE Endgame. So for PEOPLE WHO WANT TO KNOW WHAT YOU REALLY NEED TO DO LISTEN. You must have the three required maps: Green Run Tranzit, Buried, and Die Rise. Do an easter egg or whatever in the 3 maps, giving you Navcards on the following 3 maps. Craft the wires and stuff for the navcards to fit in (btw the navcards never change position meaning that it stays in that exact location no matter how many games you played) (Also dont forget about this: Green Run, Buried, and Die Rise have to be glowing blue when in the map selection meaning that youre going to start the endgame for zombies in bo2). DO it in this sequence (any round) Tranzit to Die Rise, Die Rise to Buried, Buried to Tranzit. Te parts for the navcard placements are near the crafting area where the wires are like the battery, the radio, the stone, and the wires. There is also an audio for the endgame but its really long so youll just have to find it out (im not like him i promise). You can do this alone or atleast all four of you as long as you can find the parts and the navcards with the sequence. All i know for now is that the final navcard is found at the back of the bus depot in tranzit right by the floor and the stone is also in the broken wall outside the bus depot. Now im not a troll since this has been 6 years old and you can just search a video about it at the time black ops 3 was there. There might be no end on tranzit but there is one when linked to other maps. Good luck to those reemaining 1200 bo2 zombie players still playing out there in 2019! Dont say that im too late and the game is bs, its all just a game that people want to FINISH so why argue? thats all! (now i doubt that anyone would read this XD)

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