TranZit Ending Discovered!

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youre the fliping lier not me...

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Care to explain how I am a liar?

You are the one who posted a fable regarding the "End Game" within Tranzit, that turned out to be complete tosh!

Give me a gamertag or video evidence and we can talk.

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Zen he will refuse too, I tried 5 times today on an account that has completed Moon, Shangri La, and COTD as well as Tranzit. No way did this work.

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did u do both sides of tob?

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Give it up man, you have absolutely nothing, and are now calling many people that have contributed a lot more than you ever have on the forum liars?

your account was literally made this morning, and have given us absolutely nothing. Stop calling everyone else liars, you haven't offered anything at all... (and please learn how to spell LIAR right before you try to tell someone they are one...)

NOBODY, and by that I mean EVERYONE ON THE FORUM, beleives absolutely nothing you have to say. You have ruined your own rep in a single day, might be a forum record.. good job!

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This thread should be deleted, thanks.

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DeathBringer-Zen wrote:

Why are you even still posting on here?

You posted a bullsh*t claim, that has since been tested and is a lie!

You were proven to be a troll, who would not provide any video evidence or a gamertag for us to check it out!

So, why are you still here?

Same reason you are here ... Everyone has posted theories. All have the right to do so. Even if it's BS

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Except his wasn't a theory, simply a failed attempt at trolling, thus he has no place in this community

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thank god someone else wants zen off his high horse. all he does is call people trolls while not contributing anything new to the forum. he should take his own advice and stop spamming the forums with his nonsense name calling

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What have you done? He's tested countless theories so we didn't have to. One of the few people on here I believe without proof. Sounds like you got called out and got your feelings hurt, we calls them likes we see them.

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