TranZit Ending Discovered!

Black Ops II Wii-U

I can't wait to see that so called video.... 

Listen Crush, no one believes you, so let's just stop this silliness right now.  Once you have your "video proof", get back on here and post a link for us to see.  Then we'll believe you. 

Until then, everyone should just ignore this post as it's just cluttering the forum....

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I wonder if this troll is just using four guys gamertags that he doesnt like and trying to get everyone to bash them. That would be pretty funny.

No clue why you are calling people trolls when they tried it and it doesnt work.You dont need to fake putting a video on youtube that takes a week just for attention.

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So... even though I followed YOU'RE instructions, and can't get it to work, that makes ME a troll???

Look mate, you asked me to try it, and I am in a game RIGHT NOW, trying it, and it ain't working!!!

So... you are trolling people!

I'm done with this thread! If any of you people have any common sense, you will let this thread die out now!

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U are lying scum!!!!!!!! Go put your head up a dead horse

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This guys a freakin troll lol posting false info u suck!

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Wow...... Another "don't know how to use theater but I swear I did it" post. Is it just coincidence that you "found" the ending right after the psm Rez interview was posted. This is just getting sad. If you really didn't know how to get a video up then save the game to theater and let us have a look. Surely between the 4 of you, you can figure out how to get it online. Why people make these claims without proof is beyond me. Take a Polaroid and go to your library and get them to scan it then email it to me and I'll put it up for gods sake. There are options!!!

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Look people have tried this because they are saying they have and its not working. IF you are telling the truth you would give us video evidence via recording device or on theater mode. Even pictures (even though they could be photoshopped)

Therefore we are calling you a liar/troll unless you have evidence GTFO!

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Just use CoD TV to put it in so the forum members will look into it.

CoD TV > My Channel > Recent Games > Hit Square to save > Save et voila.

If you not have done this within the next hour, we'll consider you as a troll.

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i think hes to retarded to even do that plus i dont know how you can be the first person in the world to do this but not be able to figure out how to upload a video even 10 year olds have youtube accounts with there own capabalitys to make videos

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I'm glad we have CoD TV, because I don't have the equipment myself to record gameplay from my xbox tho. But yeah you're right, it's still weird that he doesn't know how to use the recorder.

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