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So throughout the new zombie maps that have been released I have noticed that some of the new map features seem somewhat inspired by ideas on the forum. So first let me get this straight, these all may just be a coincedence but to me it seems to not be.

Here is my evidence:

DIE RISE, Siliquifier: So we all know that the siliquifier shoots a liquid that makes zombie slip right? Well before Die Rise was announced I made a discussion about my map idea Board Run. In the idea I stated the idea of a buildable weapon that shoots water and makes zombies slip. I also stated that it good make the ground slippery. Sound familiar? I think Treyarch may have gotten some inspiration from this...

ORIGINS, Elemental Staff- From what we have heard and seen about ORIGINS one of the new wunder weapons is a staff with elemental powers. I clearly remember someone on here talking about their idea of a weapon that had different elements or even a machine that gave your gun elemental powers, I am pretty sure someone mentioned that idea, correct me if im wrong, and I know it was before ORIGINS was announced so I think Treyarch may have read that to.

BURIED, Time Bomb-I know for sure on this forum their has been a lot of talk of a time traveling weapon. What do you know Treyarch comes out with new device called a Time Bomb that allows time travel!!!! Treyarch may have looked at that.

DIE RISE, Minons- So back to my map idea Board Run. In the post I talked about a new type of zombie that I thought of called an Ascender. Here is my exact description of it from the post that was made before DIE RISE was announced-

Ascenders: Skinny skeletal zombies that can jump very high and leap toward you. Will spawn every few rounds.

Sound familiar???????

MOB OF THE DEAD, Lift- Back again to my Board Run idea I talked about an idea called a life that took you across the map to get to other locations. Sounds very similar to the Mob of the dead lift right?

Those are some of my noticings if you have any let me know!

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