Black Ops II Wii-U

svu - best for head shots
an94 - best rifle for capadability clip and power
sliquifier - best level 35+

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it really depends on how u play but for me and im pretty damn good i normally get the PDW off the wall first to start then get the AN94 then i try to get mulekick and get something out of the box like either the Galil (which i think is the best assult weapon in the box) or the DSR upgraded or hammer something which good amo and decent punch for the kill and i recommend u get at least one of the wall weapons and keep it because even with mulekick having 3 guns u will eventually run out of amo and the box it put in places its not the easiest to hit the middle of high rounds but thats just my opinion everyone is different but ive tried several different ways to survive and having the wall weapons was it for me .... good luck

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yea my  highest on it is 8 to 9 most of the time the weird zombie thing kill me but most of you say pdw and the wonder weapon i will try both ty for the help guys

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do you have juggernog during the first minion round?

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this is actually a hard question to answer, as it really depends on what your strategy is.  Are you a person who likes to hold a certain area? Or do you just run around the map constantly?  If you're the type of player who lieks to hold an area, then it depends on what area you hold.  If you are holding the dragon roof, mp5 and and good high round capacity gun like an-94/galil/hammer.  if you are holding at teh noodle shop in the original spawn building,  3 of the 4 wall guns in the building pdw/svu/m14. Reason for this is because you can access those 3 guns without havingto use an elevator. I define a good gun as anything that is has ammo readily available.  in higher rounds there isn't much difference in the guns other than ammo availability. 

If you are the type to constantly run around I recommend the an-94/mp5/sliquifier/ray gun/voice of justice(upgraded executioner). notice I only listed 1 semi heavy weapon the an-94 and everything else was a light gun with plenty of punch.  Using the light weapons to run around with allows for faster movemets, which definetly helps avoid getting hit, and having the an-94/sliquifier allows you to mow down a hoard once you get to an open area.

My favorite guns to use on die rise are : an-94, galil, pdw, mp5, sliquifier, voice of justice, svu.

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I would say an-94..... But due to a glitch that kills you, when you transverse the empty elevator shaft to the an-94(what happens is you get stuck on the lip, then instant die). I NEVER EVER go that way unless I have 0-perks. Which means I do not bother with that weapon period or knuckles if I have already gotten my perks.

Only way to truly hang on in high levels, is your ability to bounce back. You cannot bounce back if your broke....

So for first 30 rounds, you want point guns. Which basically is any fully automatic weapon. Bigger the mag the better. Never hold onto a gun "you like" when it is out of ammo. Throw it back in the box... Unless you have ammo on your other gun(s).

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Probably not the best gun but my favourite is the B23 pistol. With Dtap it's quite powerful, but PAPed it's a monster but not in a good way. Best just leaving it with DTap. I think any guns good to behonest, although i stick mainly with wall guns, i think it's a matter of your location that you are holding down or training at and more importantly what perks work best for the particular guns you're using.

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PDW and AN94

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Der Riese or Die Rise? If it's Die Rise, AN-94, if it's Der Riese, PPSH

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