What Happened To Black Ops 1?

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Re: What Happened To Black Ops 1?

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i agree pretty much with all of this but i would gladly play any other map except perhaps the cut and paste tranzit maps before trashtown, i like origins, but it could've been much better, ive heard how appalling the EE is and thus i havent even done it, but i dont think its terrible, one of the best bo2 maps, but considering they were all fairly $hit, no extra credibility goes to it

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Re: What Happened To Black Ops 1?

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I've done each of the easter eggs about a dozen times over multiple accounts. A couple months ago I did moon twice in one day. I still enjoy the easter eggs. It's one of the few things I still like about zombies as the community has become too intense with glitching and quiting on first down.

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