What a Treyarch Zombie game could be. (Very Long read about made up things)

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What a Treyarch Zombie game could be. (Very Long r...

Warning! A lot of meaningless, useless day dreaming ahead. More like Fan Fiction than anything else. Might not be worth the read, so sorry if you do read this big mess and it sucked. 

Was bored today and lately keep thinking about if Treyarch did do a Zombie only game, then what could it be like, or rather, what would I want it to be. A game that seems realistic to create on even 360 and PS3 systems, and would still be marketable to regular CoD players and not just Zombie fans, while still being a zombie game. Also something that could continue the story of zombies that we already have.

In no way do I think Treyarch is going to do any of this, nor do I think they will ever read this. Just wanted to put it down in case anyone was interested in a long read and maybe talking about something like this to fill the void of zombie info, since its still gonna be a while till we get any.  If you are interested, then feel free to add or change things to it. Something to pass the time on here while posts are slow.

So here is what I would want if the next Treyarch game was a Zombie game. Possible Set Up and Story to piece the story line together and move it forward.

Main Menu would have three options: Campaign, Multiplayer, Zombies. Like usual.

Multiplayer would consist of regular Multiplayer maps mostly created from the single player campaign maps, how they usually are. Possible horror theme for some of the maps, like the Fog map with Michael Myers, since it is a Zombie game, but in general it’s the usual Multiplayer to give MP fans their yearly fix. This would also include the Grief game mode. One version of Grief would be like BO2s where a version of the Survival maps for Zombies Mode would be used, and the other form would be MP maps with teams fighting each other while also fighting zombies. So players could camp with teammates in their own section, defending from others and zombies or go out fighting the other team. Or there could be defend points the teams have to fight over while still killing zombies. Something along those lines.

Zombie Mode would only have one decent zombie map to start. A map that is a straight forward, classic zombie map with perks, PaP, and everything else normal about the BO1 maps. Some new perks or new weapons, but no buildables or anything else too far from BO1’s formula. I’ll touch on this part more in a little bit.

The Campaign would be for 1 to 2 players. The campaign would play much like how WaW’s did, where the second player is mostly along for the ride during coop, as the story and scripted scenes usually happen around the first player or host. When played solo, the second player’s character is still always there, but AI controlled.

Mission 1

It would begin with the players in an office setting, walking around while NPCs are around discussing things, kind of like the Alex Mason walking through the Pentagon mission. Typical controller tutorial and story intro. There are Majestic 12 logos that can be seen around. One of the objectives is for the player to pick up a file labeled Verruckt. Also the player learns the office is located somewhere in the Virgin Islands and Dr. Oppenheimer’s portrait is on the walls along with other EE images. The players are regular workers at the place, which clearly begins to resemble more of a secret base facility rather than an office as the players move through it. Then an alarm goes off and the players are directed to quickly return to their stations. During the chaos, the players learn that there has been a breach at the Area 51 Nevada Base and the Moon facility is becoming active and powering on. Guards are seen running through the facility and then someone in charge states the test subjects are waking up and becoming active. You need to get over there and reboot the security system. On your way there, guards are being attacked by blue eyed zombies. The players pick up the dropped weapons and begin fighting through the zombies to repower the defenses. After powering everything back on, the players hear an announcement to evacuate the facility, retreat to the nearest ship and depart. The players begin to head for the docks. They come across a guard that hands them sniper rifles and orders them to fend off the zombies while people escape. They shoot down from a building covering others running. It’s fairly easy to do since it’s still the first mission, but if the players let too many people die, they go back to a check point. Once enough people escape to a boat, players then fight their way to another good sized ship and then have to hold off zombies with their weapons and mounted guns as the ship readies to pull out. After a time period, the ship starts pulling away and the players can see a couple of other ships leaving the island. One of the ships is showing signs of a fight onboard as bullets fly off it and explosions on the deck cause it to light on fire. Then the players hear a loud crack and look up to the sky where they can see rockets entering the atmosphere and impacting hundreds of miles away, yet the explosion still darkens the sky and after a few seconds, a giant wave heads for the boat. Then the screen goes black and an opening intro kicks in.

The intro is just a video flashing images of files and photos and some narration, like most BO pre mission intros, that simply touches on the story we already know about zombies. Something that tells what we already know in a way that is entertaining to us but also people who aren’t familiar with the story line so they can have an idea of what’s going on so they’re not completely lost. Then as it ends, text pops up saying 60 years ago. For story line purposes, Moon and Nuketown happened in a modern time rather than the 60s, since BO2 seemed to make it like that’s what happened. 

Mission 2

As the “60 years ago” text fades, we find ourselves playing as two marines in a four man group. Tank Dempsey is in charge and telling us what to do, but the players are in the roles of John “Banana” and “Smokey”.  We are sneaking through a section of Berlin under Soviet control to a section on the edge of the city that is still believed to be held by a Nazi scientist group. This mission will play like most CoD stealth missions. The players need to sneak past Soviet soldiers who occupy the area and make their way through objectives without setting off alarms. There are times when they need to silently kill Soviet soldiers who can’t know about them being there. They are heading to a mental asylum to recon the activity there and rescue an undercover agent. Eventually the players make their way to a roof top overlooking the asylum. Tank makes them take one last look at a photo of the person they need to rescue, Peter, and then they rope across over the high walls into the institution. Once inside they make their way to the guard’s room where they can hear Germans talking. There is a group of Nazi soldiers guarding a reinforced door into the place. The players then try to stealth kill them, but set off an alarm. Then waves of Nazi soldiers force the group into the facility where they are locked inside. Then the facility doors all shut separating Tank and the fourth Marine from the players. As the asylum goes into lock down, the sirens ring through the hallways and awaken the inhabitants. Then players have to fight off waves of orange eyed zombies. This would play out like a normal zombie game of Verruckt, except the map is slightly different and the doors open as players complete rounds and objectives like covering Tank while he turns things on from his side. There are also wall weapons , but no box or PaP. Tank also finds perk machines and tells the players to drink them. The fourth Marine at round 15, turns into a harder boss zombie from getting bit and drinking a bad perk machine. (This perk Machine could also be a special award like a zombie drop, or perk, in Grief Mode that allows a player to turn zombie for a brief moment and attack the other team) As the boss zombie Marine turns, he attacks Tank who gets trapped. The players then need to fight the boss as round 15 continues endlessly till he is dead. Once he is defeated, the players then hit switches that free tank from where he is stuck, but then get trapped themselves, heading deeper into the facility. The map ends as the players barricade themselves in a room while zombies pound on the door.  Smokey realizes he has been bit as the screen fades out.

The mission would then end with a quick video of some dialogue between Richtofen and his new captive Tank, with flashing files and photos again showing things about the story we already know, like pictures of Der Riese and dialogue of Tank getting sent there. Again, something that is quick, but updates people unaware of the storyline on some of the major things that happened in the past.

                Mission 3

The next mission would then begin with the previous characters from the first mission waking up on a life boat. Other survivors saved them from the sinking ship and brought them on the boat. They are floating around and fog fills the air. They can see another one of the escaping ships. Its lights are all off and it is just floating. The players then paddle to the ship. As they do, a zombie pops out of the water and rips one of the survivors from the boat, causing them to paddle faster. Once on board, they are quickly attacked by zombies. Zombies also begin climbing out of the water on to the boat. Players then have to fight off the zombies and fix the ship to get out of there. This would be like a regular survival map but no box weapons and no PaP again. And instead of wall weapons, there would be guns and ammo lying around. So players need to finish all the steps to start the boat before the rounds get too high to handle. Once the boat starts, the players turn on the engines and fight off the last zombies on board. They then head toward main land US.

Back to Zombie Mode: In the beginning of the game, we only had the one map. The map would be designed with the same features of the office/facility/island from the first mission but slightly more damaged since it takes place after the rockets hit. And the map would have a survival layout to it, based on points, wall weapons, PaP, perks, and so on. The characters of the map would be the original crew with Sam in Richs body. More maps would be unlocked through the campaign, and new additions, like buildables and such, would be on some of the maps.

Once we beat the first mission, then Zombie Mode would also have Zombie Ops available. Would be like Spec Ops from MW2 which was coop mini games from the campaign. This would include a timed survival completion version of the opening mission and also the sniping challenge of the mission. Each mini game would have its own leaderboard, like the sniping mission would play like survival. Provide cover for survivors running while waves of zombies progressively get harder. Once a certain amount of survivors die, the mission ends and your score is counted. There would be bonuses for completing rounds and kill combos without missing, and they would extend the amount of people who could die. You could improve your score and move up the leaderboards if you wanted to switch it up. Mini games could be played with 1–4 players depending on the game, but usually 2. And passing a certain point value for each Zombie Op would unlock something for custom zombie characters or MP characters.

Once the second mission, Verruckt, was completed, then an updated version more like the old WaW map would be available for Survival mode. There would be a few extra rooms to open then in the older version, and PaP would be available. Nothing too big. This map would be played by the BO2 crew of Marlton, Misty, Russ, and Stu. On this map we would learn that the N4 are dead. They are stuck in the Aether fighting red eyed zombies much like the MotD crew. They complete EEs to move to new places and fix things, also freeing people from each place.

Also, in Zombie mode, is the option to play Custom rules for each map. This would allow players to use Customized Characters to play on original settings or custom ones. Settings would include things like headshots only, or switch the starting room, or lock certain doors, or change wall and box weapons, and so on. Custom Characters would also make only grunts and other noises when hit, but wouldn’t talk much since custom games aren’t story related. If players finish an EE on Original mode, and they host a custom game on original settings, then they can do the EE as the Custom Characters for reward and theater mode purposes. But they can’t progress the story line unless done in regular Survival mode first.

In the Campaign, players will have to find different files and secrets to unlock old maps, like they did with Verruckt. Not every old map would be available, but files for Shin No Numa, Der Riese, Acsension, and Tunguska could be found hidden in the campaign, perhaps even hidden via an EE. Once the files were found, they would be unlocked in Survival mode. (If possible, then maybe a story mission for each map, like Verruckt’s, can be added to the campaign. But that seems like too much) These maps would be updated versions of the old ones, except Tunguska which would be brand new. And these maps would be maps for the BO2 crew, fighting red eyed zombies. Some mini games for Zombie Ops would also require finding something in the Campaign to be unlocked, but mostly everything else will be unlocked by simply beating a mission.

The Campaign Story would continue with the Majestic survivors fighting their way across the world trying to keep themselves alive and fix things. They would be fighting not only zombies, but also soldiers, other covert groups, the Flesh could finally make their appearance, and other creatures like hellhounds, novas, and even real bosses. The last campaign mission could be them finally making their way to where Buried was, and having to fight the reanimated boss versions of the dead BO2 crew, then shutting down the tower after defeating the 4 bosses. This would end with the Origins Cutscene, but expand on it showing it as Maxis dreaming in Argatha and the cutscene is the world he is living in. Or if the player had a Richtofen ending saved from BO2, it would show a Richtofen cutscene. Then he, either one, is pulled out of his dream world when we turn off the tower, removing him from Argatha. Though this is the end of the campaign, it is only the halfway point of the story in the game. This is the moment when the O4 crew are freed from Maxis dream, where he trapped them repeatedly fighting in Origins, and they awake back on Moon, then go back to Earth to the messed up teleporters in Area 51 and end up at the Virgin Islands Survival Map (first map of Zombie Mode), and the moment the BO2 crew actually die and are freed from their zombie selves, ending up at the Verruckt map. Then the story of the Survival maps begins.

Not every mission will unlock a survival map. Usually they will unlock Zombie Ops mini games. The Campaign should be about 10-12 missions long. Simply beating the campaign unlocks half of the survival maps and leaves the story off at a cliff hanger with Maxis/Richtofen being pulled out of their Agartha/Aether dreams. Then, depending on the side we chose, they somehow plan to work together to both get what they want. Then the campaign ends.

By the end of the game, there should only be about 10 Zombie Survival maps unlocked. 5 with the BO2 crew, and 5 for the O4 crew. These are the second half of the story in the game and finishing the EEs across these maps in Zombie Mode should unlock 1 last mission in the Campaign mode, giving us the real ending finishing the cliff hanger we thought was the ending, and putting some closure to the game while still leaving the story a place to go for DLC and a future game. Maybe something small about the Vril and how they are the ones guiding both groups to fix the Earth.

We are most likely just gonna get the same formula Call of Duty, with 1/3 of the game being Zombies. Which is fine, since I’m just happy to keep getting zombies. As much as I was personally disappointed with BO2, I still trust Treyarch to put out a better product then I could ever think of. In my opinion, BO2 is still a really good game, BO1 was the best zombie game, and WaW is my favorite all round CoD game. So I am still a huge Treyarch fan, even though I still take my BO2 frustrations out on them. This is just wishful thinking that if they did do a Zombie game, what would be the best way to do it and still have it be a CoD game.

I personally wouldn’t want an open world game, nor one that explained every secret of the zombie world. I’d want something that’s not too far off from what we already have and love, but allows for more Zombie experience, and puts SOME of the pieces together. Mainly I want the campaign format of Call of Duty games to stay the same but add a zombie story line and a few survival elements. Like a mission could be something like the mayhem of the MW2 airport mission with people running while zombies are attacking them and you need to get through while also fighting off The Flesh in the mix, or a helicopter mission covering a Safety Zone for survivors, being attacked by zombies, and then having to land and get inside the base to rescue someone important, like a Broken Arrow scientist who might know a cure, while the infected take over, or even a mission that’s set up like an Extinction map. Missions we all know from CoD games, but basically with zombies added.

If you actually read this and wanted to elaborate more, or add something, or state why an open world game would be a better way to go, or say why something I wrote wouldn’t work game or story wise, let me know. Or if it was a waste of your time, then you have the right to tell me I suck. Just been thinking about it often and wanted to put the idea down for my own sanity and maybe give someone a decent read.  Perhaps we can play “Let’s Pretend” and actually fake create a full game to fill the time while info and posts and slow. Come up with missions and a story of our own in case they do start fresh. And add new perks and weapons. Or this can slip into the murky depths of the forum.

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Saw this come up in a search, so I read it for the second time.

Great stuff, and a lot of it.

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so many good ideas in this thread, come back cheese!

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