What's the worst and best Black Ops two zombies map

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Whats the best and worst Black Ops two map and why. Also do you think there will be more zombies after black ops 2, if so what would you like to see.

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So far the best is Resolution 1295 / Buried. Why? Because it is the easiest map and most funniest with team mates when you're camping. It also has good features such as the Big Guy and the Ghost House.

So far the worst is Green Run / Tranzit. Why? Denizen's. Fog. Lack of Perks. Lack of Wall Weapons. Really hard to revive someone who is across the map. No wonder weapon.

I also think that there will most certainly be zombies after Black Ops 2. And I'd like to see a map what is really hard and difficult to get to certain places but not as difficult and tedious as Tranzit. Many people would not like that because they prefer easy maps. But easy maps get boring after you have a high round on the map. I would also like to see a map what changes every single time you play it. So every time feels like a new experience which would make the map have a good repayable aspect to it.

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Buried is the best map so far. Worst map i would have to say is motd. Calm down, the only reason i said this is because i find it more enjoyable getting to round 25 on tranzit than i do in motd. After round 30 on Motd im just extremely boring. Motd characters are the best of any zombies map BO and BO2. When you go down and they start talking to themselves like a confession about there regrets and when there about to die sitting in the electric chair praying to God is just amazing

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i agree that motd was the worst in a way you get so many lives which =so many downs , and the map was to closedoff there was something missing to it.

i cant say buried is the best but to an extent it is a brilliant map caters for all play styles, but for me nuke town is the map i would always go back to every so often just to try and beat my terrible round and it helps me improve at zombies.

(chickchoc please do not like my post you are the only pearon here who seems t like posts for no reason).

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Worst, Tranzit.

Best, MotD.

I do think there will be zombies after BO2. No idea what I'd like to see though. Just like to be along for the ride.

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I agree with u in all u said

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Best die rise - torn between this and buried but this wins as i enjoy it and although its easy its still fun.

Worst MOTD - got boring really fast and doesnt follow the main storyline.

I think in the next zombie game they should bring back the original style of maps like in bo1

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Best is MOTD. Cool mini-EEs, good WW, and cool design.

Worst is Tranzit. Need i say anymore?

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Best: In my opinion, Buried, Die Rise, and Ascension

Worst: In my opinion,  TranZit and Mob of the Dead.

And yes there will be zombies in Treyarch's next game. I can already state this as a fact.

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I think Mob of the Dead is the best map on BO2.  Lots of fun stuff like Hell's Retriever/Redeemer, Golden Spork and an awesome wonder weapon in the Upgraded Acid Gat.  Plus, I'm glad they booted Quick Revive and replaced it with Afterlives. 

I think Die Rise is the worst map because there's really only one good place to run trains (in the Buddha Room). 

Buried has the best Easter Egg because of the many steps it has and Tranzit has the worst Easter Egg because of the few steps it has.

I do think there will be more zombies because it's a pretty popular side game to go along with the campaign and multiplayer... much more popular than Spec Ops. 

As far as what I'd like to see... I want the gameplay to remain the same.  But of course new wonder weapons and special tactical grenade type stuff are always awesome. 

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