What's the worst and best Black Ops two zombies map

Black Ops II Wii-U

Also, I really don't know why everyone hates on Tranzit as much as they do.  If you're a decent player that knows the teleporting system, then the fog and denizens aren't really a problem.  Yeah the denizens are annoying, but not all that difficult.  I know reviving can be tough, but if you have a good team of players that rarely go down, then reviving shouldn't be an issue. 

I personally like this map because there are so many good areas to train zombs.

And somebody up top said Tranzit doesn't have a wonder weapon... It does (the Jet Gun) and it's pretty effective if you know how to use it... But I'll agree that it's not as awesome as the Paralyzer in Buried or upgraded Acid Gat in MotD.

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I don't think TranZit sucks because of the denizens or fog. I am actually fine with those. I just hate TranZit because it takes too long to do everything. Hell, when I am playing with friends and the first thing they say "Lets leave one alive!" I go "Oh god, this is going to take forever"

And it is the same for me. I hate this map for the simple fact that everything just takes too long to do. (PAP, Perks, Guns, Random box, etc)

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face huggers don't ruin transit - but imagine how much fun it could be to run around shooting zombies in a fog-shrouded corn field if the face huggers were NOT there!

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That would make it way too easy.

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Best: Moon

Worst: Tranzit

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Well....you tried.

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lol It wasn't a comment on "Tran$hit" I was fine with that part, even agree with that part. It was more about the title of this thread and your reply.

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There seems a general consensus, of Motd and Tranzit, which I also agree with.

Tranzit- Too big and impossible to revive people

Motd- Easy and fun with stuff to keep you entertained

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Best: Buried

Worst: Nuketown

And if there will be zombies after Black Ops 2 It won't be for a while because 3Arc has to come up with a way to incorporate Maxis and Richtofen end game to future maps. This would be difficult because its a player chosen decision on which side to do.

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Or they could just base the next game say 40 years after buried and have a new demonic announcer and forget maxis and ritchofen.

Or after origins we may alter the future so anything involving maxis or ritchofen could be changed so eg maxis dies in origins so in turn never bombs the earth or fights for control in bo2, completely changing the timeline.

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