What's the worst and best Black Ops two zombies map

Black Ops II Wii-U

man, nuketown is great fun. yea it's small and no egg and such - but it's a great challenge - especially the way the perks and PaP drops. also - i LOVE the M27 for zombies!

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The Worst map? what is that? all of Green Run is Lame! Buried is Tiny! But Free Perks. Die Rise lacks Potential to move around and perks also Who's Who lamest double down perk every! MotD to much side quest like go to afterlife the shock the voltameter then jump back to life to run a grab this part then wait next round to do the same thing? That just leaves Nuketown and..... well..... Idk that sucks to we all want Jugg to drop first or the games pretty much a Running game the whole time.

I would say they all suck! worst investment ever the only thing that came outta Blops 2 zombies that I care for is the Ray 2 and Double tap 2

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Best mob of the dead worst  tranzit

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Best: Mob of the Dead or Nuketown. For now I'll give the edge to MoTD but they're same area.

Worst: TranZit / Green Run and everything associated with it. Bus Stop? Really?

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I would say Buried really because of the perks and wall weapons. Worst one Tranzit because lava,zombies that explode and cause damage to you,electric guy who annoys the hell out of you and doesn't reward you if you kill him not even some points pointless boss,denizens,non-rewarding easter egg.

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Worst is Tranzit

best MOTD

worst overall is nacht der untoten, crappy small map which is just a building from W@W mp.

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My vote goes to Buried. I have hardly played it but after Tranzit, Die Rise and MotD I was just like f this map I cant put up with all this stupid sht and neccessary side missions anymore.

I feel 3arc is trying with these maps but with all teh new maps you just have to do the same sht every game you play. Go get a gas can, make the Trampsteam, build a turbine and etc.

I feel like if they wanted to put in the side missions has options instead of neccessity we would all be better off. Like the Hells Redeemer for example or spork, not nesseccary but a cool side mission for those who want to do it.

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I think iv had the biggest initial buzz from motd, first times playing I actually was excited..

I still go back to the old farm and depot, the odd town.

Buried I find to be more sandpit then any map. It's good for everyone to have an equal chance and achieve a high round.

Worst map for me is die rise. I found it to be glitchy, non liquid, but it still retains atmosphere I guess

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it does seem like a rehash of the same stuff every map - just done with different names in slightly different ways.

i've loved zombies for a long time - but i think 3arc has hit the wall - they (and activision) need to realize this and start work on a stand-alone zombies game. i know i'm done buying CoD games just to play zombies - and i'm sure as hell tired of paying for MP maps that i NEVER use.

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Very Hard but im going to lean more fowards die rise, i have the verticality on the map and alot of fun perks and free perks. Buried is a close 2nd for sure. being a huge map, many different things to do and going on. i wish the WW was more fun cause it messing that wow factor for me.

worst map....well it is a toss up of transit and MOTD.

reasons: Transit, lack of all weapons, and rev people. nearly impossiable.

Reasons for MOTD. alot of great ideas went into this but i hate they only have 5 perks. also no quick rev, no monkeys, i hate after life sucks. if they would have taken out after life and put in quick rev, and 2 more perks. (any would do) then i would enjoy the map alot more as it as great lay out, weapons and alot going on, oh yeah and traps!! only map with traps in bo2.....how i miss the traps and fun stuff....

all and all most of the maps are even but i find my self playing die rise and buried the most.

hoping new map is all they have done but fixed the bull crap.

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