What's the worst and best Black Ops two zombies map

Black Ops II Wii-U

Worst....Buried because it's so easy but Transit is probably a close second by a hair.

Best....None, but I suppose MOTD sucks the least if I looked at it that way.

Origins has such a heavy lift to perform to raise this disc from total suckage. If Buried is any indication, It would seem that nobody at Treyarch cares what they put out.

Word has it that Buried was actually a Dept Of Defense project contracted to Treyarch. The Pentagon wanted to teach NASA Chimps to kill zombies in case of a real zombie outbreak.

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Chickchoc LIKE MY COMMENT PLEASE hahahahhaha

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Well I use to enjoy Mob of the Dead but not anymore. I guess that I'm not a big fan of running around to get plane parts/gas just to go to Pack a Punch. It gets really annoying. The only thing I like about Mob of The Dead is the buyable traps.

Best Maps of Black Ops 2:

Buried: Why? It's small, easy to revive people, new perk is good. I like how you can lock the box and you can place down your guns. Also a bad thing if someone goes around trolling and putting R870 and Sniper by the box, and the AN94 at the worst spot. By quick revive. Time bomb is a cool feature but also a HUGE troll thing. The Wonder Weapon is decent. They did bring back camping. I would rate this map a 8/10

Die Rise: Well at first I prefered Mob of The Dead over this map but like I said before I'm sick of running around just to get to Pack a Punch. Die Rise came with the BEST wall weapon in the game. The AN94. The Trample Steam is also a great tool. It can be used to get across the map or as a trap. The Pack a Punch is moving but its always going to be in the same place. Max Ammo rounds were great to see back. Free perks were great too. Who's who was a great idea but wasn't great for the map. It would of been better on Tranzit or even buried. The thing I didn't like that much about this map is that its easy to troll people. Put a trample steam down the elevator and would get people down. Trapping people on the elevator is also a very annoying thing to do. I would rate this map a 7/10

My least favorite maps starting from the top:

Tranzit: Why?? Cause it takes way too long to set up. You have to travel around the map with annoying fog and things that jump on your head with lava everywhere you turn. With badly placed wall weapons and no good new perks on the map. The Wonder Weapon was Garbage and it was almost impossible to revive people. The map is down right terrible. Pack a Punch was a chore to get and wasn't fun. I would rate this map 3/10

Town, Farm, and Bus Depot: It annoys me that they couldn't come out with a decent disc base map like how Black Ops 1 had Kino. All these maps had fire in it that just made the zombies worst. With no where to run around like the older maps these three got boring FAST.

I would rate:
Town: 3/10

Farm: 4/10

Bus Depot: 3/10

I wish they would bring back Der Riese for $5 to $10. I would buy that in a heart beat.


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Tranzit was just hard it didn't suck .nukde town sucked bad .

But I'd say the worst was die rise it was a fun map and I liked it a lot ,but there was sooo many ways some one could ruin the match and there was nothing you could do about it .it was the best map for trolls they could shoot durring jumpers,steal the tramp parts, take a piece to the sliq wait for someone to build it the other parts and snake it then quit or f every one over with it,buy doors you were  campmping by  do u couldn't stay there anymore .then there was the idiots ,the people who could not build the tramp for some reason or couldn't make the jumps then quit out .and there was the glitchers ...I just don't like playing with them and they're not team players .

Is say the best would either be mob or burried .theyre both really fun when you can get a decent match goin and have good wall/wonder weapons and good perks

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Id' say the best is Die Rise. I played it every day for about 20 days until it got boring for me. Mob of the dead I played maybe 10 matches in total... only thing good about Motd for me was the Grief map included with it, that one was epic.
So the worst for me was Mob of the Dead.

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I like all the maps and think with every new one that comes out it's better than the previous ones. It did get a bit bad with the storyline EE incintive on tranzit but it's all coming together. 

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Worst = TranZit

Best = Buried. I was going to say Die Rise, but until they fix that damn slide it'll be in second place.

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i like them all, transit and nuketown at the top.

i love the other maps too, but tobehonest it gets tedious building shit and doing steps to further the gameplay. The novelty wears off too quick and gets repetitive.

Die rise would be my least favourite.

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Best: Nuketown-Reason... i loved the mp map on the first ops

Worst: Buried-Reason... No clue ._. i overplayed it to the point i dont like it

I also do think they will make another zombies-Reason... Cuz its awesome and theres still more to know and more to find out who knows

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Best Map: Alcatraz Island

This has loads of side quests, an almost solo EE and it's pretty hard to master compared to the others. It also has the WAW feel to zombies again Also the Greif mode makes you take risks and not have Juggernog so you can't revive everyone and stay invincible (Haven't played Buried yet so can't put that)

Worst: Green Run

PAP is waste of time, EE reward was bad was too easy to master in a few tries. Town was the best map in Green Run but Farm and Bus Stop were just rushed it seemed

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