What's the worst and best Black Ops two zombies map

Black Ops II Wii-U

My least favourite is buried. my favourite is nuke town. It's a classic styled map

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The Best: MOTD, Buried and Origins

The Worst: Green Run (everything to do with it) and Trashtown

The Meh: Die Rise

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I'm surprised so see so many people saying the best is MOTD after how many times I've seen people say it's the worst and how bad it is because it's too "easy" but I've been supporting it since the begging.

  • Best: Mob Of The Dead( Alcatraz Island ) , Origins( Excavation Site 64 )
  • Worst: Turned( Green Run, Resolution 1295 )
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Blops2 best - MoTD/Origins

Blops2 worst - Tranzit (so much potential....sigh)

Blops1 best - CoTD/Moon

Blops1 worst - None

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To each their own. Mob of the Dead is the best map to me. It recaptures the essence and fun of what the zombies mode was like in World at War and Black Ops. The zombies look pretty scary, and the environment can be pretty unsettling. I like the mobsters a lot more than the new crew. Kudos to the campaign team for putting in the Chicago Typewriter-style Thompson. Mob of the Dead earns my vote!

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Well you did say BO2 maps so...

Best: Origins (Mob is a close second) they are the best IMO because there are many different things to do, and I think have the better of the WWs.

Worst: without a doubt TanZit. The map just pisses me off. Failed use of space, not a whole lot of "new" things to do. It just feels like an incomplete map. Just like Nuketown, I think it was rushed and left a lot of wasted potential.

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The best map on Black Ops 2 is Origins. It has plenty to do (easter egg, staves, fists, homing grenades), and presents a challenge. Mob of the Dead is a strong runner-up for me, and could even be tied for first. However, Origins is better in my opinion (but only by a half-point, at most).

The worst map on Black Ops 2 is any Survival map. There's just nothing to do on them. If you don't count those, I'd go with NuketownZ. Small, with next to nothing to do.

The best map on Black Ops 1 was Moon. The sheer amount of features, combined with the awesome setting and size of the map, make for one heck of an experience. Call of the Dead is a strong, strong runner-up (again, it could even be tied for first), but Moon is better in my opinion (again, only by a half-point, at most).

The worst map on Black Ops 1 was Dead Ops Arcade. If you don't count that as a map, I'd go with Five. Not that it's a terrible map, but it's the worst of the maps on Black Ops 1, in my opinion.

Tranzit seems to be getting a lot of hate, but honestly, it's starting to grow on me. Getting started on that map without using the bank is nearly as challenging as getting started on MoTD or Origins. Even with the bank, it's a ton of running around (I can definitely see how the amount of running around could get annoying). Plus, it's a nice change of scenery (even if the scenery is a lot of unused space). If anything, I at least don't believe it to be the worst map on BO2.

To summarize:

Best Map (BO2): Origins, Mob of the Dead (almost equal)

Worst Map (BO2): Survival maps, NuketownZ

Worst Game Mode (BO2): Turned

Best Map (BO): Moon, Call of the Dead (almost equal)

Worst Map (BO): Dead Ops Arcade, Five

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Worst: Nuketown

Best: Buried

I don't think that tranzit is the worst because it's mostly fun, amusing and cool to play with good friends. I'm perfectly fine with the denizens and the fog, as I know the map well, the denizens aren't that hard and there's the teleport, that, if you don't get to the location you want on the first try, you can try again without being worried about zombies surrounding you since it's pretty fast to create a teleporter, especially if you have the power on. there are some things that bother me on tranzit, like not being able to repair the bus barriers sometimes and how long it takes to do anything. But I think Nuketown is the worst because there's so many doors for a small map and how difficult it is to get juggernog. Buried is the best in my opinion because there's no better map that it, and it includes a lot of features and new guns, but I think it's very easy. Like, if the bank wasn't enough, you get 1k just for drawing with the chalk the weapon marks, 1k for clearing debris with huckleberry, huckleberry being useful for EVERYTHING and easy free perks you can get. On tranzit, you have to get tombstone, down yourself, in the next round find the other perks and tombstone and get back to your body before the zombies get you. it's fairly hard, but with teamwork and the bank it's still possible. And I think Die Rise is pretty cool.

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My bad, the best map on BO2 is Origins. Not too easy nor too hard, lots of features, AMAZING easter egg, DAT TANK, wunderfizz, what else do I have to say? Oh, yeah, the pack-a-punch camo. Simply awesome.

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Best map: For me it is either MotD Buried or Origins, can't really decide(I played all of them a lot and it took a month or two to lose interest, I'm still playing origins), MotD had some of the best ideas when dealing with weapons and their placement, the new perk(really liked electric cherry) and Brutus was awesome, not to mention the bridge, hells retreiver/redeemer, and who can forget the blundergat, only problem was tight corridors you could get trapped in.

Buried has the best new perk on Blops2 with vulture aid, phd permaperk was also a good addition, and the paralyzer was a good wonder weapon, and of course the ray gun mark 2, this would be the best WW in blops 2 if not for the staves from origins, and they put it in all the maps when you got buried, the easter egg was challenging, interesting, and rewarded you for your 3-6 hours of work(the only problem, that damn firing range, that could take upwards of 2 or 3 hours alone) and the ghosts with the free perk was a nice touch

Origins, Probably my favorite map of blops 2, and in my opinion would be first if I were forced to pick, maxis drone, good addition, the little things you could do with him and his part in the easter egg was cool, the generators were a really cool idea for multiple power sources, and how you have to have all 6 for pap to work, the tank improved vastly on the bus idea from tranzit, the staves are the best wonder weapons in blops 2 easily, the easter egg was fun and challenging, even though the ending was not exactly my favorite ending, good hidden songs, Der Wunderfizz, the mystery box for perks, boy did getting deadshot and phd flopper seem fun again, too bad they didn't have vulture aid in it, the soldat was a pain in the ass though, and him coming every three round(and more than one coming as the rounds increased) this was a real pain but could be easily dealt with when the staves were upgraded.

Worst: Tranzit, I was really excited for the first zombies map and when the game was released I went and played some tranzit, the worst map they have ever made easily, they had good ideas but the easter egg was not rewarding and may cost a lot(depending on when you got emps) the boss would have been better had a reward been given, the bus should have been point activated, not time activated, that way you didn't have to rush through the power room to maybe make the bus, and the map was just too large to be good, took forever to run between areas and the denizens were a pain, they did bring some good ideas that worked, the buildables were a good idea for blops 2, the transportation between areas was a good idea(and was a lot better in Origins)

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