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No game is damn perfect, we should just complain about ghosts being lag and hacked all the way around. Let's just start complaining right before the games come out, so maybe something changes? LOL they have your money, and they don't really fixed any lag issues, i never felt lag so i dunno wtf is lag in bo2 or hackers... Maybe you guys needa chill out a bit, the game is bugged for you, well too bad, there is NO refunds I'll keep reading all the posts and reply to stop complaining since it's not gonna change, period.


Ya know you have a point..... All the complaints on lag comp have been heard and they fixed that.

....Wait a second we complained about that for over the last 3 titles and nothing has improved, it only got worse.....

I guess everyone missed his post, so i just re-did it You can ALL hope ghosts gonna be different, but it won't, it's gonna be worse. So be all prepare, i'll stay on bo2 if any of you are still here

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