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Who's who?

I can't use this perk. I don't want to call it useless, but it is impossible for me to revive myself when it takes 2 hits, lack of space and, no weapons. Anyone got tips on this perk? I really want to get used to it and like it.

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Re: Who's who?

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Buy Who's who and 3 other perks, make about 10-12k points, go down, get the perks you didn't have before you went down and the Who's who perk again. Go revive yourself.


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Re: Who's who?

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I'm real good at reviving people, so I find it really useful. On this map I find about twice as many zombies can spawn in, but they spawn in slower. So that would be harder to do on this map with my strategy. 1 go a short distance from yourself, and I mean short. Just short enough so that when you run back to yourself there is a couple of second for you to revive yourself. Less capable people, increase the distances. Let them spawn in, and train them in a circle. Do not wait too long on this map, just enough for the bulk to be on your who's who. while your running back to yourself throw a grenade just a few feet in front of the target you want to revive. Make sure it's a quick throw, and your still sprinting as much as possible. Quickly get on the opposite side of your target you want to revive, and start reviving. As the bulk runs to you it should have to run around your revive target. So if your the one being revive back up immediately after revived. This should work when reviving friends too.

PS: and remember, if the zombie is only about a half a room away from you. You got time to revive, unless it more than one.

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Re: Who's who?

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Okey congrats all xbox owners, I dont have an xbox so I am waiting the extra month, but I did check out the ngt zombie channel and watched a few videos and saw the whos who perk. Has anyone tried while playing the doppelganger of yourself to buy the svu sniper and look through the scope, possibly at the other buildings around you.. Feels like that odd vision you get when playing your copy is a hint at something


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Re: Who's who?

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Get yourself the Juggernog persistent upgrade. It will allow you to take 4 hits instead of 2, also if you get theQuick Revive PU as well it will be significantly easier to get yourself up.

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