Who thinks zombies is finished?

Black Ops II Wii-U

Who thinks zombies is finished?

After Black ops 2 zombies, I have massive doubts that it will become any better. MOTD and Origins were ok maps, but as of the other 3 maps that were meant to continue the story was just plain dissapointing. After Moon I was eager to find out what was going to happen next, but they really screwed up a lot of money making ideas. Plus I could make an endless list of complaints about those maps, one complaint is the easter eggs really did not seem to fit in with the story whatsoever, the endgame's on Buried were a disgrace, a waste of time.

Look at the Moon ending on Black ops 1, watching the earth get destroyed. Why couldn't they do this with the endgames, have a very detailed and brill ending. The only thing the keeps zombies on its feet is new weapons and perks right now, mapwise, nothing peaces together too much. If there is a Black ops 3 and a new zombies continuation, I don't know if i should get it or not, is it really worth the money buying another potential fail?

I'm not going to discuss the topic of the Origins ending, that was just plain BS. They could have continued this further but decided to end it all as a child's imagination, also alongside that, it was the worst reward I have ever earned for an easter egg, not just on COD. Many other games.

About perks, when it comes to who's who, WTF happened because that thing was a lab accident of a perk. The only perk worth it was Electric cherry, the also annoying and continuing game with Treyarch dumping PHD Flopper out the maps, especially mule kick. Not funny as those two perks are my lifelines. Not going to rant anymore, no point. WTF happened Treyarch, and not forgetting Activision! 

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