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The ending was a complete kick in the teeth for me. Not one to boast but even I think I could've came up with a better ending than that shite. I just hope the next zombie outing is NOT a continuation of this story and a completely new one with a dedicated team working on it from start to finish.

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Re: Why I love zombies

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Most people just dont know how to camp the right way. They see camping as backing themselves in a corner and everyone firing down the same sight line. But even this simple/noobish form of camping is more exciting than running in the same circle over and over. I just dont see how thats more fun than actually fighting to survive. If your opinion differs then so be it.

The game was originally designed how I suggest ie WaW maps. And these are the maps that got me and most hardcore players hooked on Zombies.

Im not saying trains are bad or that I dont like to run them sometimes, Im just saying when trains became popular team work went away and since 90% of randoms players you run into run a train or die trying, mostly die trying. On top of that they make no true camping maps anymore.

And like I said thats not even my main issue with the newer Zombies. My issue is the new things they put in they game that just make games drag by bad or as you said RPG elements.

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Re: Why I love zombies

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I agree with you 200% Bro.. Really I think Zombies kinda lost its way after Kino. Really once we stop killing NAZI Zombies.

Acension, COTD, Shang, Moon..really good maps indeed. I knew then, we were straying away from the original. I'm with you brotha..Ol' Skool Ah la madre!!!

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zombies went downhill with BO2 for me, they had it right with BO1 IMO, survival map with an optional FUN EE, COTD - Moon, we had all 8 perks in the map and a way to obtain them all and we werent restricted to 5/6 perks like BO2, i liked the traditional proper decent powerful one person only wonder weapon from the box, which anyone could get, not pathetic buildable replacements where someone can hog the last part to claim it theres every game, there were a decent variety of maps, easy/boring maps like kino/ascension and fun/challenging maps like Five/Shangri-La, Fun is what i play zombies for, and for me besides MOTD and somewhat Buried and Origins, there is no fun in BO2 Zombs, it should not be a chore to get to PaP, or a pain to do EEs giving no reward. In terms of things that BO2 introduced, i quite liked the idea of buildables (but not buildable WWs) and the bank/fridge - while i like these features, i wouldnt be that bothered if they were removed as i never specifically wanted them in the first place

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Re: Why I love zombies

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WAW brings back the good old memories, der riese is the reason for buying a ps3.

Did you recently played it? Its fcked up to find some real players instead of glitchers and modds.

I really miss the raw, dark and grimey sphere that WAW had.

If you look at zombies now its allmost a fairy tale with rainbows and my little pony.

Back to the basic next game from treyarch or this is the end!?

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