(XBOX 360) Looking for good players to play with who have a mic? Open and look for yourself

Black Ops II Wii-U

i have shotguns and im a good team player. i play daily and hardly see shotguns anymore. if u think people with the shotguns dont team play or are only playing for themselves add me and we can had a game and see how far we can go. my only problem with this game lately is there are too many young kids messing about on zombies and not actually playing the game and it puts a bad cloud over the game if you actually speak to the people in the lobbies thats what most of them will say too.


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Yeah okay i will add you now and give you a game soon and yeah i agree with you there is too many young kids just messing about with this game, this is why i have put up this post to get a group of mature but good players together and get a good game with each other

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I'm trying to play.. I have shotgun rank I'm not a stingy player at all. I don't live in the UK but I normally have good connection. If u need some players I'm down to play..

GT- terminator50205

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Yeah okay cool i will add you now

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GT zTLee im really good trust me

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I don't mind looking for new players, but i'm just a skull.  My rank's been glitched and reset twice.  That and I hadn't played as often lately because I don't get many players, and it gets boring going long rounds by myself.   Anyways,  I've got close to a 50.0KD on zombies if that's anything.  It wasn't really specified what to do to prove anything, but you can look up my zombies stats on Elite?  GraniteIvory.  I'm a good team worker. 

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I'm like you. I'm a good player but I don't play at all, it gets boring quick so my rank usualy is low. But that's because I don't play, not cuz im shity.  We could find better ppl to play with then these types of ppl

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Ill Join up, nothing else to do right now...

GT: zombnuts

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Im in GT: XxTysonXx001PL

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I gotcha man

GT: Ithikuss

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