(XBOX 360) Looking for good players to play with who have a mic? Open and look for yourself

Black Ops II Wii-U

Gt: xkeganx

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Found a spot on my list.

GT: ZZ Killbook.

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I rarely get on, myself.  And most the shotties I've gotten to play with get stuff built fast, but they don't talk about plans, and complain when you do something they assumed was just written in the stars, and me and and other team members were just apparently supposed to look up and pay attention.  I don't believe in the rank.  Especially with my rank resetting so many times, I've got the KD of a knife/skull.  I'd like to think you'd get lucky if you ran into ones that weren't pompous Richards. lmao 

But I'm down to play.  But I'm in the US, so if not OP, anyone else is welcome to add me.

I only request that you're calm, and aren't so high strung when a mistake on anyone's behalf comes along. 

I had to get rid of some long term team mates recently because they'd start yelling in the mic, and it was just embarrassing to hear that coming out of a thirty some-odd year old. lmao

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GT: MidNightGaymer

I'm a girl so I guess I hope I don't squeak? I have a mic, but I don't have the rankings. It's pointless, I know how to play the game won't go over board because knifes and shotguns look cool lol.

Just two days ago I got 1000 kills and 0 downs, I have a picture - so even though I don't have a ranking I'm a decent player.

My bank is maxed out and I have a double pack a punch hmr. I'm 17 but I live in the US, but I'm on at odd hours since I don't have school much.

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WHy do you keep bumping this? There's plenty of players left their GT's for you.

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I know and i keep bumping it to the top so that other players can add people who play well and want a good game and i like playing with more new but good players

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THey probably don't have shotties lol.

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Gt: Chosen Gods

Rank: Knife

Area: East Coast America

Lets play origins?? Looking for high rounds. You should edit your first post and put all the Gts that people post.

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