(XBOX 360) Looking for good players to play with who have a mic? Open and look for yourself

Black Ops II Wii-U

Yeah that's a good idea i will do that now

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My Gt is:xXAnonymousXxxx

Rank:Knife Blue eyes

also i live in the eastern Us

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GT- xCalamityCate

Rank- shotties

Area- central time zone/southern US

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Hey bro I'm down to play zombies with you I'm a strategist and team player and it's rare that I go down if you wanna play add me @thtKINGkidd I tried sending you a request but it didn't go through

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sure i can play GT: its toby57

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Aye! What is up guy and girls or whoever is viewing this post! Add me on Xbox 360 and join my clan! The name is N7 and it's a very easy and painless tryout! Add me at JDOGShootinSTRT and I'll send you to the recruiter who performs all the tryouts! Hope to see you all soon! Peace! ✌🏻

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Hi, I was trying to find good call of duty players myself, and I came upon this page, I looked at the requirements and I have most of them, I don't live in the UK, and I'm not a knife skull rank, but I am a skull rank (4). I tried friending you but it didn't work, so can you friend me? My username is EightOfMariosYT.

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Can they help me on my diamond camo  situations? so far I need help plus I'm only 3 shotguns away to get it for the first time.

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