Black Ops II Wii-U

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total kills and kdr is how urank 1000kills for 2 bones, 5000 kills for skull, 10.000 kills & kdr 70+ for skull with knife, 25.000kills & kd 160-200 not comfirmed yet but wil be  in a few days i know this as i setup a new account justfor testing i have 87000kills and have skull with knife on my new account i had the same emblem at 10000 kills  kdr 1566

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Wrong, I've had the skull for weeks and not hit 5000 kills yet.

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I can tell you that this is incorrect about needing 10,000 kills to get the knife. I have been playing Zombies on my wife's GT because she doesn't play COD anyway and I got her the knife the other day and she barely has 6000 kills on that account with a K/D of 109.  P.S. her GT is Jedi Mommy 91

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it is not soley kd its total kills unlock the emblem kdr is if u deserve the emblemso basically if u get to 10,000 kils with less than 70kdr u will stay at the skull untill u bring your kd up

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add shotgun_project

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That's a good theory and all, but it's not just your kills to downs.  TRUST ME.  My buddy has about 50k kills and over 1000 DOWNS.  He fell asleep one night while playing and the other players basically "used" his body to get 100's of revives.

Guess what his rank is.... SKULL WITH SHOTTIES!!!  It takes into account EVERYTHING that you do while playing Zombies.  So while his Kills to downs ratio is not very good, he still has over 2,000+ revives, has drunken 1,000 of perks, opened tons of doors, has nearly half headshots to kills, etc.  We get to the 30's nearly every game we play and have had games go into the 50's but because of people backing out they haven't counted on the leaderboards.

3ARC will NEVER release how you rank up in Zombies.  You want to know why??  Because little kids and people who can't play the game correctly will simply exploit that one thing that ranks you up, so what does 3ARC do?  They make it so EVERYTHING you do in Zombies counts towards your rank.  This may be just MY theory, but it certainly debunks yours. 

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Double Xp for Zombies or something of the sort

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I would like to say that I cant see emblem being based purely upon K/DR.

if you play solo and get to round 10 and do not buy quick revive, your game will end with roughly a 200 K/DR

which according to the estimates I have seen would land you with shotgun emblem (as long as you are patient enough to do this a fair few times)

and I think you will all agree round 10 is not the level of someone who is "the best" at zombies.

so the rounds you reach + headshots etc must deffinately have impacts on the emblem as they also help measure your skill

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K/D doesn't mean shit. My mates k/d is 78 and he has got the shotgun emblem. My k/d is 240 and ive got the knife through the skull emblem. No one knows how to rank up, anyone that says they do are talking shit.

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