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my kills 98.617 bullets fired 469948, downs 664, rivives 857, grenade kills 4154, head shots 56.20, deaths 411, gibs117632, perks dranks 803, doors 797, hits 759197, traveled miles 1183 and im still skull with dagger blue eyes for more then a month plus made it to round 50

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Okay, this is the issue that I have with the ranking system.

I have the Knife in the Skull Rank btw.

KIlls: 132,541

Bullets Fired: 513,760

Downs: 1,258

Revives: 1,911

Grenade Kills: 1,153                          These are my current stats.  And no, there are no

Headshots: 66,211                 <------- typos in there.  A lot of them are in the top 200,

Deaths: 457                                      and some used to be in the top 50 before I slowed

Gibs: 130,977                                   down lately

Perks Drank: 1,674

Doors: 453

Hits: 933,412

Traveled Miles: 2,242

K/D: 105.35


Solo TranZit -> Round 56

2 Player TranZit -> Round 41              These are some of my higher rounds posted

3 Player TranZit -> Round 39   <------   to the leaderboards, but I have been to at

2 Player Town -> Round 39                least round 30+ on almost all game modes.

3 Player Town -> Round 38

My problem is that when I started, I messed around A LOT.  I'm talking about playing bus depot survival, going down on purpose to give friends the quick revive permacrap on TranZit, making up super hard challenges to do with friends that cause a lot of downs, etc.  But now I have SO many kills and SO many downs on my record that there is no way in heck to fix my K/D.  I could play a game with 5,000 kills and 1 death every day for TWO WEEKS straight and it would not raise my K/D to 200.  But, it is obvious that I am a highly skilled player!  I have a friend with the shotguns, and I am higher in every Global leaderboard AND Green Run leaderboard (except downs) than him.  This is more frustrating than you know!

Yes, I have made a new account today and I will have the Shotgun Emblem tomorrow!  But the fact that I must abandon this account with these amazing stats is crushing.  I am the kind of person who will not feel at rest until I get that highest emblem, so I feel that I have wasted all that time for nothing.

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Don't quit that account, it's silly. Just work at it for a month or so!

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Same shit here: got over 200000kills and 1700 down messin around. all maps,1 2 3 4 players,have 30+ round (except bus depot 20+ ) and 40+, nuketown 50+ 2 players,''accuracy'' 1.80  most of my stats top 100, 60%+ headashot but i just have no shotguns. Dont get it: im a great player, i kill glitchers and go back to revive anyone (glitchers excluded ).  Anyway i dont think only your stats are important for your emblem, otherwise just after some solo you can be in 1 match shotgunned. i think its important also the round you get but still i deserve it. dont get it.

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I have 36000 Kills and 650 downs im in the skull with blue eyes and i cant rank up! Is it possible to rank up more with my stats like that? :s

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can, cause no1 knows how it exactly works

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I just got the shotgun emblems after a game on tranzit of 58 rounds, 5000 kills and 3000 headshots. I got a dozen msgs from friends saying well done on achieving the shotgun rank. i have 107000 kills and about 500 downs.

HOWEVER - i then played a game of grief straight after - host raged quit so we all lost connection and i have been DERANKED straight back to the dagger and skull rank.


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OK guys, so i just went and won a few games of grief and once again got my shotguns back. My k/d never changed during the last hour - only copped a grief loss due to lost connection which deranked me. Now after a few good grief games my shotties are back.

So that's a spanner in the theory works. Obviously, at least for me personally, k/d plays a big part but so does other stats INCLUDING grief win percentage/performance and any drops in stats/performance can derank you.

For me to be deranked on one default grief loss i must have been on a very thin line between the dagger emblem and the shotgun emblem.

In finalising - fuck you 3arc. You seriously are a bunch of c***$!

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I hardly ever play grief.. Waste of time, got my shotguns doing consistent high rounds on tranzit think it was 6 games in a row over rnd 25+ highest being 45 on solo then I ranked up.

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what s your k /d status and staff?

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