Black Ops II Wii-U

Oh and to contribute to the thread...

kills 108505

downs 519

k/d 208

revives 1003

grenade kills 6255

headshots 52391 (48%)

deaths 198

bullets fired 360500

accuracy 210%

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I just got my dual shotguns.  I was knife w/ blue eyes but deranked to knife IV after not playing for a few days.  I then played about 3 games where I went 25 - 35 rounds with minimal downs. I got bumped to shotguns IV after the 3rd game.

Current stats:

Kills - 27K

Downs - 175     (K/Do - 154)

Deaths - 75      (K/De - 360)

Headshots - 38%

Accuracy - 175%

Revives - 408

When I play with randoms in survival, I usually end up getting 10 - 20 (or more) revives per game.  I try for headshots as much as possible.  I try my best to make by bullets earn me as much as possible.

Because it jumped me up so much in rank, it seems to me like you need minimal 25k kills to be able to earn the shotguns.  At that point, everything else may be taken into consideration for your further ranking.

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Get this --

I have Blue eyes w/ knife here are my stats compared to my friend who has Blue eyes w/ shotties

Everything in bold is what stat is higher


Kills - 18574 / 17168

Bullets fired - 38856 / 64154

Downs - 43 / 115

Revives - 177 / 118

Grenade Kills - 743 / 488

Headshots - 12106 / 3678

Deaths - 30 / 61

Gibs - 22183 / 12566

Perks Drank - 103 / 162 ( Who uses perks?? )

Doors - 104 / 100

Hits 112k / 116k

Mileage - 153 / 185

Kills to Downs - 431.9 / 149.2 <-- What!?

Highest Solo Round - 48 / 35

I do not understand! Ahah.  This system is flawed, or yet racist!

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i think K/D ratio is not too important, play some grief and tell me you never go down or kill 500 zombie before you do. Play with a guest whos not good and go down a lot.. its unfair, thats why more stats are important and i think accuracy is one of them

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Hey Slake!  New data for you.


Might help in your research.

Later man!

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Rank is probably just mainly based on time played. Ive seen the crappiest players have skull and shotguns who go down a few times a round once we reach 10+. Sure, K/d and all that matter, but in the end, if you can't achieve "shotgun-level", you'll probably get it anyway because you play so much. Treyarch wouldn't restrict you from having a rank because you aren't good. After all, who hasn't seen high prestiges on multiplayer who suck?

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it's not from time played. I got my shotguns from only playing one game of tranzit everyday with randoms. I usually got to round 25+ with over 800 kills with 0-1 downs.it depends on how many good consecutive games of zombies you get.

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can anyone help me?

I have a blue eye skull and ive had it for around 4 months now and cant seem to rank up!

i just need to know if its based on KDR or highest rounds?!!

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No on really knows, but improving high rounds should also improve your kd, so just try to last longer and die less. That way you are covered either way.

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What a lot of people dont realise is that blue eyes are only given after you play 5 days consecutivly  (the tallys show your days)...

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