Black Ops II Wii-U

okay it's all very simple. tally marks= days played o maximum 5 days. be absent for over 24 hours you will loose a strike. to get your knife obtain a 1000k/d ratio in one match. with a minimum of 12k on the leaderboards and over a 1.00 k/d. simple. to obtain your shotguns achieve a 165k/d ratio with a minimum of 33, 000 kills. you must. play 5 days. with above 165 each day. revives headshots one of that matters. play the game and at it well and you will get your shottys. I have them, have achieved round 53 four player and round 61 solo. m.o.t.d. if you need help with this message me at cokainNcaviar. Xbox only. gl

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I got shotguns at 122... Others have them at 89... Try again... It's not KD...

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Maybe you can help. It's no big deal but my friend got shotguns last night with waaaay less work. I have been playing since it came out and stuck at knife with skull forever. Friend has KD ratio of 120 and shotguns already.

Me =

Kills = 259 609

Downs = 1875

Highest round tranzit = 49 (Legit tunnel running)

Die rise = 74 (glitching with slick gun)

Mob of dead = 48 Legit with OP acid Gat

Bus depot = 16

Farm = 32

Nuketown =29

Town = 42

If anyone knows how to actually rank up I would greatly appreciate it. Totally legit player and worked hard to get shotties now. Except for die rise Ive not exploited any glitches and dying to know how to rank up!

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jammin81 wrote:

(glitching with slick gun)

Theres your problem.

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The reply option has come up so sorry for sending a private message! Anyway I have done everything to build my KD back up and I feel that the ranking system for zombies is totally flawed. It's zombies and not conducive at all. People are so worried about their ratio now it's taking all the fun out of playing. People are more likely to quit an nobody tries to beat records on more challenging maps like bus depot and nuketown. I played and got downed so many times on these maps and took my lickings without worrying about KD ratio. It's not multplayer for fuck sake why impose a rank system that encourages player to game like pussies.

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....you're a glitcher...you admitted it earlier in your posts, you should just delete your account because there is no point in getting a rank that you can't even get to without glitching. You deserve a perma-bone rank, I really hope one of the moderators sees you admit that and goes after your gamertag.

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Jammin get the F*** out of here with your glitchin a**.

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Your real KD is probably higher than you think it is. The recent updates made it so Turned/Grief stats don't count towards ranking up so those downs you got from them don't count. Only the ones from your Co-op count

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Been playing forever right now. I have skull with knife and stuck for ages. You mentioned 165 for kills?

I have high rounds and this = Kills 259 906 with 1857 downs. (K-D 139.7)

Does this mean i need another 50Kills     with no downs??

Highest rounds are die rise 74

tranzit 49

MOB 48

Solo survival

Bus = 16

Nuke t = 32

Town 42

Farm 28

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i have a zombie team mate that ranked up to shotties this past weekend.

his career kill/down ratio after that game was 219.xx

his career kill/death ratio after that game was 365.xx

he has played nothing but transit, no stats in any other game mode...

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