Black Ops II Wii-U

Guys.. i think i know.
When i get knife rank, i remember my hits throght "stats summary" was 0.83, maybe i ranked up because i pass 0.8 ?
And hits now is 1.00 when i get shotgun rank. total hits is 117967 but in "stat summary" it is 1.00, and this is the only change or logic explanation i have because i see no other logics ....

when u get to 99.5+ accurancy i think u get it.

My stats .. bullets fired 118460 / 117967 hits = 99.58%

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IT has to do with average rounds to downs. Everything else is a byproduct from that. Higher rounds fewer downs- higher kd and generally better accuracy ect. Jimmy z confirmed this a few months back, it's not speculation.

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As TicTacn said.

There should be a sticky for a topic like this.

This has been answered through and through by JZ and Activision Support.

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I was once zhotgun rank with eyes. My ps3 broke and 3 years later i got a new one. I am only normal skull rank. I made it to round 78 alone and died only 1 time. I had died to the last zombie because my game laghed and i almost died of fall damage. The game ended and i was still at THE SAME RANK. I find it to be bull***** as i should have AT LEAST the knife ranl.

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