Black Ops II Wii-U

Can someone tell me how this K/D ratio is calculated?

This makes no sense to me what so ever.

I have 40k kills and ~900 downs.

lmk what i need to get, my highest round on solo is 34 with 4 downs.

highest with 3 is 41 where we quit coz we were bored.

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Kills divided by downs.

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I've played three matches of tranzit on ps3 in public only so far( I usually play Wii u) and my rank is skull no blue eyes. No solo matches or anything. Just three 25-26 round matches. I just make sure I revive people if I can. Take lots of head shots and try to build things and open doors. Basically play the way I think that the game was designed to be played. Seems to work well. I mean I've gained a rank each match. I had the skull by the end of match two.

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I can beleive the kill down ratio part as far as ranking up goes...

but the lose blue eyes or tally marks for not playing is total bullcrap.

I have played zombies everyday since it came out, IM not the greatest but on solo ill atleast get to 28-30 on a consistent basis.

Just the other day I logged on and had lost the blue eyes and a tally mark, for no reason at all that I am aware of as I have not missed a day playing yet...This was 4 days ago.. I have played every day since then as well, and have yet to get a tally mark back, or the blue eyes...It would have came back by now If all i had to do was play for a few days in a row..

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I finally ranked up to the knife skull.

Made round 56 Tranzit solo. Was ranked up when I got back to the lobby.

I think it was 5101 kills, 1 down that game, didn't use quick revive.

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I have 56,000 kills roughly

266 downs

When I ranked up I decided to test with another game of solo with 30 kills and 1 down and I got deranked back to skull with knife which made it clear to me that it is kill down ratio. After that game I grabbed mustang and sally out of the fridge and got 2000 kills with no downs on solo and ranked back up just to be sure i dont get de-ranked again. I dont feel its a very good system though, I played far too much bus depot survival to rank up as quick as others. If you play solo a lot which I don't will inevitably help you rank up quicker than others so I was stuck on knife and skull for ages.

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Can't put mustang and Sally in the fridge can you? So how u do that then lol

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Yeah you can some games I have one set in my hands and another in the fridge.

You can swap the empties out for the fulls.

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i got shotguns now and it has nothing to do with my k/d it was only when i play a bunch of games making it to rd 33,44,48 it changed and in fact it was as soon as i hit round 45 ppl started sending me messages that i got final rank.

i feel its your "round average" in survival and maybe win% in greif? not to sure but i did get the knife n greif mode but i win often (28-8) 2 losses were from disconnected to host.

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I have shotguns and I have not played grief at all.

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