Black Ops II Wii-U

I never have problems when I bring up the stats board during game. I do it like all the time and I haven't noticed any problems.

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Kills: 13196

Bullets Fired: 50524



Grenade Kills:877




Perks Drank:45

Doors Opened:43


Miles Traveled: 78

K/D: 1100

Time Played: 900 minutes

Rank: Skull with Dagger 3 Tally Marks

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Grenades 567






Skull with dagger.

Has anyone looked into time played? like a score per-minute or kills per minute something along those lines i feel like amount of time played has something to do with it.

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Anyone have a better explanation for this yet?

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What I don't get is that this rank system was supposed to be a more or less live representation of your skill and would have very little to do with global stats. I have around 60000 kills and 980ish downs and have been skull basically since a day after the release. Now I know that is a shit k/d but not knowing that mattered I helped tons and tons of people get the permanent quick revive when it was still permanent cause I didn't care about downs. So now if this k/d theory is correct I have to get about 200000 kills without cracking 1000 downs... that's impossible and now because of a couple week I likely will never see shotgun/skull. If that is how this works then that is bullshit and needs to be fixed. Like I said I was under the understanding that if you did really well for a few games in a row you could rank up regardless of your overall stats

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I dont see why rank matters so much to people. I have shotguns and its no big deal. It looks nice but its only asthetic. Rank doesn't really mean anything since I play with people from all ranks (I always play random lobbies) and there are people who are bones that are better than others with knife. So I wouldn't obsess over the ranks too much, just enjoy the game.

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Well you know us humans we are always looking to prove our skill and worth and as such become upset when we feeling that others don't recognise it. Not that I consciously think that about zombies but it's still got leaderboards and so is a form of competition with others. I like to earn emblems in a game cause it's fun too and also means that higher level players won't be as quick to quit on you lol. Also the fact that you are saying you've played with bones who are better than knives means the system isn't working.

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Yeah thats true, it is fun to level up and we always strive to be the best. But when you say having better emblems means that higher level players won't quit on you, that makes me think that they shouldn't be having a high emblem at all.

For example, I enjoy the fact that I have the highest emblem, but that by no means gives me or anyone else the right to judge people before playing with them. If someone quits the game regardless of emblem then they are nothing but a rage quitter (which I am sure by definition does not make them a good player).

I understand there are exceptions, for example real life situations take priority over a game. But when someone quits because they went down, bled out, or don't get the weapon from the box they want on their first few tries (I have played many games when people have done this), then why are they even playing the game? Going down, dying, gambling points on the box are all part of the game and are required before the game in progress will end.

I have lost count of the amount of matches I have played where people quit out and ruined it for the other players who beat their previous best.

My point is, if someone is a high rank and thinks they can just say "Yeah im the best so do what I say or Im leaving" or "Hey dude get lost this is for elite players only" then they are clearly not a good player, but just an egotist.

Rank should be taken into consideration as it is difficult to achieve, but it should not give people 'the right' to talk down to others or tell people what to do. If someone is truely a good player deserving of rank, then they will be able to play well regardless who they play with.

Rant over.

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My friend had a kd of 123.  He got the shotguns on a game that went to round 31 w 4 people on town.  He has a total kill count under 30k.  I just achieved my 200kd and will prob get my shotties tommorrow hopefully since tomorrow morning im going for a high solo round.  But I have 88k kills.

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i cant rank up wtf!!

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