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that is strange HiPo. It seems like you should have at least the Knife Rank.

But we can't know much unless you list specifically what your Global Stats are.

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If this thread helped you, help all of us by listing your current Zombie Stats, and Rank Emblem.

Or tell us your Theory on how the Zombie Ranking System works.

That way we can know more about how to Rank Up, and everyone can earn the Rank that they deserve.

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Kills: 14589

Bullets Fired: 79340

Downs:  355 ( I know, I suck ) (Kdr: 41)

Revives: 159

Nade kills: 170

Headshots: 4339

Gibs: 14730

Perks drank: 140

Doors: 145

Hits: 56094

Traveled Miles: 203

Rank: Skull with 4 tallys.

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Hey Slake, just wanted to stop by to say that you're not a bad dude after all. Sorry, for letting you down with my stats I didn't really know that they mattered that much, but I've been working to bring them up no matter what. It sucks to see someone leave the clan and just wanted to tell you that since I just saw this and you're helping out others. Thank you, have a good holiday!

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No one wants to stick with a noob clan

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I have ranked up to the knife behind the skull like three times now but if you dont play for a couple days when you login you lose your rank which i think sucks. Its hard to keep your rank up and have a life.

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Your Zombie Combat Record is supposed to be legitimate. That's why it is there.

Don't Glitch or Boost just to Rank Up.

Anyone that starts a new Gamertag is going to have a better Record than anyone who uses the same one from the start, but I really don't see the point in this since you can raise your K/D from playing well.

There's nothing wrong with playing Solo, but do not play Solo all the time just to Rank Up.

A well rounded player should have a good balance in their Statistics.

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Kills: 44,250

Bullets Fired: 179,666

Revives: 640

Grenade Kills: 1,115

Deaths: 140
Downs: 311

Gibs: 51,486

Perks Drank: 351

Doors: 415

Hits: 226,124 (1.26)

Traveled Miles: 872

Headshots: 21,733
Rank: Skull with Knife

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If you find this Thread helpful then please,

Post your Zombie Combat Record with as much detail as you like, and your Zombie Rank Emblem.

This way we can learn more about the required Stats for certain Rank Emblems.

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And for those of you who don't think this Thread is helpful at all,

Post your theory on how the Zombie Ranking System works. Also List your Zombie Stats and Emblem.

If you disagree, I think it's important that people hear your thoughts.

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