Zombie Level Songs are getting worse and worse.

Black Ops II Wii-U

Reza and Jimmy are apparently psyched about Kevin's new song so let's expect it to be very good. But of course, they are always excited about Kevin's new songs. So, LOL!

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Whos listens to the zombie songs anyway?

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well, people that play zombies, I would imagine.

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Last time I checked "We All Fall Down" has 5,700+ likes and 660,000 + views so quite a lot of people.

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shit... then we should put my nigga J.Cole on the zombies since all his born sinner songs are 400k+ views on each one(about 17) + 11mil on one

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i only like the elena siegman ones

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Ik Elena is the best in my opinion...I love Beauty of Annihalation and Abra-Kadabra....I also like avenged sevenfold.....so i basically like all of their BO1 singers..

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You know Paris Helton is going to release an album, maybe 3arcn is interested

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115 was the best, it was full of energy and made you really feel like you were running for your life, a great fit for Kino. The songs felt like they were designed for each map before, but in this game they just sound softer and more simplistic. BO1 Zombies were better in general before they added too many different elements and this building junk. Running around the maps building parts you have built many times before gets old fast.

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I think it helped that they had a female vocalist involved in BO1. I haven't heard any female vocals so far in BO2.

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