Zombie Ranking System Explained

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     In this thread I will be explaining of what I believe how the ranking system in Call of Duty: Black Ops 2 works.

     First off, I would like to say thank you in advance for taking the time to read this thread. Second off, I will continue to be adding and improving on this thread as time goes on, and I learn more about the ranking system.




1.    Now, when you first begin to play Zombies in Black Ops 2, you will notice that your emblem (which can be seen next to your name, or by scrolling over your name) is a single bone and a single tally mark. This just acts as a filler so that new players don't have a blank space. As time goes on you will notice that the tally marks will increase, as well as the emblem. The exact proccess for how you could achieve new emblems, or tally marks, remained unanswered as the game was first released. However, as you will progress, you may start noticing a pattern, much like I did, you may notice that every time you are on an emblem the amount of tally marks will never pass five, so it is safe to say that you need to pass five tally marks to rank up.


2.    You are probably thinking, "OK, I need five tally marks to rank up, well, how do I earn these tally marks?" Well, I have an answer to your question. Unlike most peoples' interpretation that the Zombies Ranking system is an Experience Point based system just like Multiplayer, and their prestiges, this is actually not anything like the real thing. The tally marks, as well as your emblem, is based off your overall performance. In my last theory I thought it represented your overall performance of your last match, instead, the amount of tallys you earn, is wagered on how the overall stats of your LAST Zombie match compare to your overall stats, but, you will only go up in rank, if your last match is an improvement over your overall stats, if it is the same, you don't go up or down, and if you did worse, you will go down, this is to make it easier to match us with people our skill level while trying to find a zombies match. . This means that if my overall Headshot/Kill ratio is 100 Headshots/200 Kills or .50 and in my last Zombie match I recieve 300 kills and 200 headshots, my Headshot/Kill ratio would be .66. Since that is more kills, and more headshots, my tally marks will go up, the amount is determined by the total of my other ratios all combined, such as Bullets Fire/Bullets Hit. Using the same example, and from my Headshot/Kill ratio being .66, lets say that we recieve TWO tally marks for this, but on my Bullets Fired/Bullets Hit from the game is .05 and the overall is .20, I am probably going to LOSE FOUR tally marks, which would bring me down TWO tally marks in total, maybe even an emblem.

3.    The exact emblems themselves remain a mystery to most people after the skull with blue eyes, the number of emblems still remains unanswered to everyone except the designers of the game, who are releasing hardly any information about one of the most anticipated features of Black Ops 2 Zombies. As time goes on I will keep releasing more and more information about the emblems, along with more pictures, however, now I have all the ranks up to rank eight. Whether or not there are going to more emblems after these eight will be a question that is kept alive until we have solid answers from the designers themselves, which is not looking so great.

(You can see the current emblems at the bottom of this section.)


Reading Emblems


     Emblems and our rank aren't really much of a rank anymore, they act more as an interpretation of my skill level. They have done this so that we can be matched evenly with players at OUR skill level. As I explained before, the amount of tallys you go up, depends on how your last game compares with your overall stats. This is a nice system, but it is a little bit more, it is comparing our stats to our overall stats, but really it is how much BETTER we did in our last game, and if we improved, if we don't improve than we stay the same, or go down. This explains the change of rate of leveling, because say I get the same skull with blue eyes twice, but the first time, I went from the blue eyes to blue eyes and dagger, and I went to round 41, had 300 kills and 100 headshots, the next time around, however, I do the same thing, same exact round, kills, headshots, everything, but only get the dagger with no blue eyes. This happened because our last game compares on how much we IMPROVED, not just compared, we only go up if we improve, which means that if I can only get to round 25, and so many kills, and headshots, I am only going to be able to get to a certain rank.





  1. You need to pass through FIVE tally marks to be able to go up in rank, and achieve a new emblem.
  2. You achieve an accumulated total tally marks by how your last game stacks up against your overall performance, which will sometimes reult in loss of rank.
  3. There are currently eight known emblems that I know of, and possibly up to 10-20.




*UPDATED* http://i.imgur.com/J2hb8.png


      These emblems took me up to a good six hours to screenshot off of my xbox, and cut, I also have not seen another set of emblems from Black Ops 2 Zombies, and for these reasons, I make them watermarked. If, however, you would like to use these emblems on a different resource (forums, chatbox, etc.) I would be more than happy to give a copy without the watermark to you, if you have a valid reason.

     If you would like to use my emblems, message, or friend me on Xbox Live or YouTube.

     Gamertag: xXJoMaMmAXx

     YouTube Account: XxGodSlappedBOYxX

     So far this is all that I know of the ranking system in Call of Duty: Black Ops 2 Zombies, this thread will continually be updated with easier to read captions, pictures, and more information, so stay tuned!    

Edited 11/21/12 2:13 PM PST: Added pictures, small mounts of info, and places you can contact me.

Edited 11/21/12 10:40 PM PST: Updated emblems, changed entire theory, fixed it up

Edited 11/22/12 7:41 PM PST: Changed to that your tallys depends on how much you improved, from your overall stats.

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That pic is wrong, there are actually 8 emblems, there's the Skull with Shotguns but no blue eyes.

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Alright, I will get working on it soon. I had thought there was one without the blue eyes, but couldn't find it.

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there is the blue eyes you plunker my friend has the skull with shotguns has the blue eyes dont listen to that dumbass

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Blue eyes is when you have played zombies for 5 days. get the blue eyes and then don't play for a day and then you will not have any blue eyes but your rank will be the same.

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Thank you for this post I have been stuck on a skull with blue eyes and 5 tally marks for quite some time I got to round 24 yesterday and I didnt rank up I had 300+ kills but my buddy I was playing with had about 600+ and no downs and he ranked up the the skull with the knife so I am trying to get up there. Cant wait till we figure out exactly how the new zombies works with all the permanant perks and stuff.

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Very nice thank you for this guide I will now try to do better in Zombies!

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I had blue eyes 5 marks forever and i got round 31 1000+ kills and like 3 downs . And i didnt rank up . I do hella good and i stayed at blue eyes 5 tally marks. My friend does the same as me and she has a knife WTF. Add me mosdefame and take a look i guess but i want a knife lol

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Your on the right track to rank up, keep aiming for 30+ with low downs. Try to play with friends that you can rely on to stay in the game, if you play with random players and someone leaves early it is best to stay in the game otherwise it will lower your average round.

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Thank you for the information and spending time putting it together. I have been wondering about the emblems. One more thing I need to rank up now!

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