Zombie Ranking System Explained

Black Ops II Wii-U

      I'm waiting till I get to at least fifth before I worry about getting to max level in zombies, haha.

     It's also nice to know my time and work is appreciated

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See, smart players like you deserve a fucking crown of cookies.

Very nice info that seems very legit, I will also be looking into how exactly this system works.

I'll post here as I go through my progress of how I level up.

By the way, I am a Blue-eyed skull with 5 tallys as of right now.

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     Ha, thanks, right now I am at my Grandpa's doing some work, I'll be going back to my house tomorrow, and hope to go more in-depth, and what is actually required, down to the exact number of kills and such to go up ranks.

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damn, thankyou dude, nice one

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I think i'm starting to get a handle on the zombies ranking system:

Start - Blue eyed skull

1st game - Round 5 on transit survival (best 20) dropped down to a skull only.

2nd game - Same map, no headshots, revives etc (as a test). Made it to round 15, back up to blue eyed skull.

3rd game - Tranzit map. All of us started with blue eyed skulls, one guy with plain skull with dagger through it. I opened every door, revived everyone, never used the chest, had around 700 kills (300+ headshots), turned the power on, built everything etc.

Now the interesting part was one guy was having an absoutely horrible round. BUT he made it through the cornfield (I died trying to find my way back out of it as usual) and done something (I assume) in the Nacht der Untertoten building. When the game finished he had a skull with a dagger through it.

I'm wondering maybe, that the skill level "plateaus" at the halfway point (rank 4, blue eyed dude) because let's be perfectly honest. You can get to level 20+ pretty easily (on any zombie map).

What separates blue skull from the rest, or ordinary from the extraordinary is the "extraordinary" tasks you complete throughout the game......?

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     Well see, maybe it is that in past game you did just as good, so your match stats didn't compare, or improve over your overall.

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To all of you that thinks there are 8 ranks... You are wrong, there are 5!

1. Single bone

2. Double bone

3. Skull

4. Skull w/Dagger

5. Shotguns around Skull

Now I know you are all saying but what about the blue eyes?

Answer:  if the 3 ranks that have blue eyes were their own separate rank then why isn't there a blue eyes rank with fewer than 5 tally marks?  i.e. skull w/ blue eyes and 3 tally marks. 

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You are missing some...

1- single bone (wooden shield)

2- dual bone  (wooden shield)

3- skull  (metal edged wood shield)

4- dual dagger with skull (iron shield)

5- pistol with skulls (iron shield)

6- dual pistols with skull (iron shield)

7- shotgun with skull (iron shield)

8- dual shotguns with skull (iron shield)

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I think you havent played zombies at all....

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ok guys i dont get the ranking system but ur thoughts are incorrect i got the shot guns 2 days ago and then lost them the next match of zombies got them again lost them and then last night i got them again and lost them i am going to post my stats and no im not a hacker or i didnt copy and paste my stats i got them on my own the right way and i wanted to tell u all my stats so u can do the math or try to think of something else... yesterday after i got the shotys again i played a really bad match of nuketown they backed out and it kicked me i had 60 kills 3 downs one of those down was an actual death again i said it was a really bad match but thats what u get whn u play with idiots lol ... but after that i played 30 rounds of town and had 1200 kills 2 downs and got my shotys back only thing i can figure is my kills or stats what ever it is that gives u shot guns is border line so if i have a bad match after i get them i loose them until i have another good match .... so here are my stats and this is as of the last match i played and got the shot guns i havent played since so maybe this will help u guys ....

kills 17728, bullets fired 111116 downs 105 revives 125 grenade kills 226 headshots 4860

deaths 53 gibs 15533 perks drank 258 doors opened 112 acturacy 1.47 miles ran 231

those are my stats of right now again i didnt hack or copy my stats or what ever i know alot of people do that and i know alot of people say u have to have 25000 kills plus to get them well no u dont im not posting my husbands stats but he has his shotguns and only has 16000 and some odd kills also to and earlier reply to this someone said they think u have to have made it to 30 plus for the knife and 50 for the shotguns not true either ive never made it higher than 36 on any map so far i got my knife at 6500 and some odd kills too so i really think it just has something to do with how well u play from the beginning because this was done on my new account i had another one and been stuck on the knire since dec. so i made a new one and a week later i got shotguns so i would tell people in my opinion if u really want them try making a new account because now that u know the maps u have the ability to do well from the start instead of going down all time cuz ur new to the maps like u did when they first came out ... good luck guys hope this helps a lil bit and for those of u on psn who would like to see my stats for ur self let me know id be happy to add u and let u look ZomBossChick is my psn name

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