Zombie Ranking System Explained

Black Ops II Wii-U

I believe that you are on the right path but not exactly. There is a number of zombies you must kill in order to gain a tally mark. The more tally marks you get the more zombies you must kill in every level. The number of zombies you must kill is written when you selsct level. So basically the more you play the more you will have to kill in each level to keep adding tally marks.

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I agree, but only up to "level 4". I just watched a video of a guy getting 2500 kills and level 38 and he only had the blue skull with a knife through it. Surely if it were kills only, he would have the highest icon available?

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     Then how do you explain the loss of rank? See, the only problem with that theory is that there is no fair way of demoting people using that system.

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forgot to metion on my previous post: My theory explains how ur emblem can have blue eyes one day and blacked out eyes the next; aka ur tallies/frequency drops

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Hi RedCobras.

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I do not think they will ever see your response anytime soon. Your response is vain.

You should also search up some more recent rankings thread or Google what JZ had to say about it how it really works.

The tally bit you worked it out though.

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Lets post some stats to compare.

Im skull with blue eyes and 5 marks, 22k total kills.

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im a skull, blue eyes with a knife through the skull, 5 marks. 5k total kills

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Good post! Good ideas! I do slightly disagree though...

The whole idea behind the ranking system was that you'd be paired, or grouped with players of a simular ability when playing muliplayer. I think the idea that your rank is only based on your last performance compared to the rest of your stats prioir to that would contradict this.

The rank needs to be based on the 'mean' of many different factors (kills, level acquired, accuracy etc). These factors would need to either be compared to other players' in a leaderboard type format, or they would have to be accumulated and put into predetermined sub sections in the game.

EG - You have a headshot % of 30%. This ranks as a dagger+skull with blue eyes. You then get the rest of your stats ranked, and the mean average is your current rank.

My own gameplay would lead me to believe it is not just based on your last game. When i had my first 40+ level achievement with good in game stats, i remained at a Blue eyed skull. Compared to my previous stats i should have shot up atleast 1-2 ranks. It wasn't until consistantly doing these levels i started to rank up.

In short, i think you could be on to something with regards recent performance, but maybe not quite as recent as just your last game...

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     This new system actually gives a ten times better way of finding players your skill level, actually. Since ranking up is no longer in the catagory of, I earn this much experience, I get to this level, and it is now, my last performance did this good/bad, so I go up/down this much. Which means that my overall level is going to be able to represent my skill level so much better, because if in my matches , I am doing just as good as in my overall, I am not going to be going up anything, which means that in actuality they aren't ranks, so much as they are a emblem to show a persons skill level. 


     I will add this to the topic, as I think it clears many things up.

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it has absolutely nothing to do with a single last game, i've had the skull with blue eyes and knife for 2 weeks and no matter how i play it never does down.

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