Zombie ideas Der Riese 2025 and other ideas

Black Ops II Wii-U

O.K. There are alot of ideas here so bear with me! they will be oganized from general Zombie ideas to specific map ideas. (not just Der Riese 2025)

General Ideas: a chainsaw power up (similar to the death machine)

meelee weapons to the full extent of knives and tamahawks (anything else seems to far out there for a cod game)

Pack A Punch Pro: lets you upgrade your weapon twice, turning weapon fire from red to blue, gives you a second or first attachment, and puts an emblem (group 935 or other emblems in game, emblems are not chosen) costs: 10000

Spray n' Pray machine: gives your gun a random camo that effects it according to the camo type example: flame camo=dragon breath

(PaP symbols glow through camo) cost: 5000

Map: zombie vorkuta (no russian translation for 'undead' or 'zombie' that I could find)

I liked the idea of improvised and low caliber weapons so I think the weaponry should be geared towards crossbows, moltav cocktails, homemade bombs, sling shots, knives, tamahawks, m1911's, m14's, and olympias until you unlock the armory armory costs: 5000

only the four original perks are in this map, and the machines appear run down and broken

3 generators are required to activate the power

equipment: gas mask, required to activate the final generator because of gas leaks (note: protects against nova 6 crawlers to an extent)

special zombies:nova crawlers, naplalm zombies, and a zombie sergei and his pick axe (not as a boss)

Special round: hell hounds

watchtowers like in Berlin Wall (red areas mark shooting territory)

Der Riese 2025: an overgrown version of Der Rese with a couple twists. an underground facility under der riese was added after the crew left.

the thunder gun is now in der riese along with other wonder weapons known as the

Zielgerat 1229: the first machine gun wonder weapon that shoots special rounds (indicated by green weapon fire) with an X-ray themal scope Pap'd vampie, PaPP'd Banshee

XXI Messerschmitt: a disintegrator ray based gun the size of a rifle with a lot of ammo but but you can only kill one zpmbie at a time.

special zombies:nova 6, napalm zombie, shrieker, dogs (higher rounds) and whatever zombies come in the future

watch towers like earlier however once downstairs controls are activated a wonder waffe watch tower is activated when zombies run through its' red zone it will charge up and blast the zombies with electricity

also you can close certain doors for a minute but nova crawlers can crawl over them cost: 500

Special round: dogs and monkey test subjects (monkeys are only harder to hit and kill do not steal perks/power ups

what do you think of these ideas?

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Great ideas. And you know i've read about Spay n Pray in the Black ops 1 forum. It was an older post .And the idea of closing door, I always wanted it.And that way that each door you close has a time until it reopens may work.

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thanks for the support

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