Zombie leaderboard don't update if a player leaves.

Black Ops II Wii-U

High rounds don't mean you have skill. It means you have enough time.

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High rounds (ie - 50+) mean you have a strategy or repeatable process.  You don't need a repeatable process to get to level 27 with 4 people.  At those low levels, almost any gun is quite effective and you merely need to kill everything you see and pick people up if they go down. I don't buy the time excuse.  I know 4player games take longer then others.  But, if you don't have 10 hours to play a game you can always play solo (where you can pause the game and resume when you wish) or 2player which often takes approximately 3 hours to get to 50 on maps like Die Rise, Ascension, etc.  And if you are playing coop on some maps you can still pause the game with EMPs.  Simply, EMP the last zombie and don't run.  Come back in 10 hours or whenever and you play on.  All in all, if you can't hit 50 on any map in solo, 2p, etc. you most likely don't have the skill not the time. 

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i had lost a lot of respect for the treyarch zombie crew when the game was released. After mob of the dead was released i started to like them again as they were releasing good maps again. however the biggest problem still isnt fixed. THE F**KING SURVERS!!! when i play a game online and the crappest player who dies like 8 times on round 10 leaves the game. i get so frustrated as i know know ive wasted my time playing that game as it wont go on leaderboards. go back to black ops 1 and do private games that count on leaderboards. i dont see why they shoudn't anyway? someone needs to seriously fix this. or else i dont see a point playing online with randoms?

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Played only 5 games today. All 5 had rage quitters Smiley Very Happy That is how bad the quitting is on this game. Clearly an issue that needs attention.

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Don't play with randoms. And motd was not made by the zombie team.

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The public map feature is apart of the game.  It's part of the reason I purchased the game.  I've met and friended many people in public lobbies over the years.  And the majority of players on my friends' list were at one point randoms to me.  As I said above, I like to carry games to high rounds.  On B01, I had 100+ revive games on so several maps - Kino, Shangri-La, Moon, Ascension, etc.  All of this is so difficult to do nowadays because when 1 person leaves a game it doesn't count and nobody wants to continue on.  Everyone is so concerned with their rank and stats that they leave when they get a few downs. 

I'm not even saying people who do leave early should be punished.  I'm saying the people who don't leave early shouldn't be punished. Treyarch could have designed a better leaderboard system that doesn't hurt people who don't rage quit.  At the very least, they can fix the glitch that allows people to post solo or 2p scores on the 3 and 4player boards.  Those leaderboards are absolutely irrelevant and a joke just like the global boards on ps3. 

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