Black Ops II Wii-U

I think that there should be an option to play a map with either W@W guns, BLOPS guns, BLOPS 2 guns, or "Mixed". All of these game modes would have improved graphics and sound. Mixed would feature guns from every game, mixed to have like 30 or more guns total. Thoughts?

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I've never posted it here but i've said that about blops that with the old maps u shud get the option of the old guns. I think it would be awesome to be able to choose your gun options. I never thought of the mixed option though. I think that would be the best way to play though! great idea!!

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yea i def. agree it feels like the black ops guns got a little weaker than the waw guns but it would def. be awesome if u could have at least both in the game if u wanted to

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That should be more of a Private Match setting than an online choice.  I feel the game would be overpowered if people could choose which guns they use.  Also, the maps would have to be created separately so that the wall guns could be from the different games.

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If you choose mixed then the guns will be random, so that nobody chooses like the MG-42 and PPSH and Sniper Storm Rifle and all the other great guns and none of the bad ones like the Springfield.

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