a new way to make pack a punch feel more... personal but NOT over powered

Black Ops II Wii-U

Pack-a-punch custumization – select the attachment and bonuses to you gun in a pause screen that pops up when at the pack a punch. You can get any attachments you would normally get online for that weapon, and can select other bonuses. You can pick two upgrades, which include:

Bullet damage.

Bullet speed.

Reload time.

Exta ammunnition.

Lighter weight – for LMGs.

Extra pack-a-punch:

Everyone has been there. Round 40-ish, and there guns are too weak to help any further, beyond getting points. So we have all at one point wanted to get an extra upgrade or two. Well, for an extra 5000 points everytime, you can upgrade any gun besides one hit wonder weapons. On the second time and beyond, you can get one bonus, and the attachments can not be switched from the first upgrade for that weapon. Imagine upgrading the ray gun 3 times, One hit until round 30 or so? Nice! At this however, you can only do the extra upgrades up to the price of 25000. That would be a total of 5 upgrades!

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thats is great way to put it,, but the only thing i would change is... i wouldnt like to get to pack-a-punc with zombies running behind me and then a menu pops up,,, that why i thought of the armory befor the game,,,, or maybe,,, you could have the armory in the pause menu,, so when you have a crawler left,, or some time spare,, you can sort out the gun that you would like,,,,, would you agree???

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I like your idea and its true people would want to get every gun to max level and you would use other guns and is lime it if they would add another DLC for Tranzit

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