answer my riddel and i will fill ur green run bank acount full..!!XBOX ONLY

Black Ops II Wii-U

answer my riddel and i will fill ur green run bank...

The title says it all but not the rules.

Seriously I play at least one game a day, and I mean 1 good ass game

and always have enough to fill another bank account easy. Here are the rules:

*The answer to the riddle has something to do with green run.

*If u get stuck, I will answer ONE question per person.(and if u ask a question, make another account and ask another, well nice job..not)

*If the question is already asked/the same or rephrased I will say “answered”  

*First one to answer will win and I will fill ur bank account on GREEN RUN FULL

*It can be anything about green run ex. a gun from the box or the sigh that says "die now"

If every1 had fun and want more ill come up with more riddles that are gonna

be about any zombies map but they will get harder

Here it is:

You come to me when you want to learn, and hate to leave when I have to close.

You can surf without a board or Wright without any papers, but when time comes you must let another take your seat.

No need to pay, only your time because the more you stay here the wiser you become.

                                                                 Who, what am I?

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