i dont like playing with? tell me what kinda players you dont like

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On Origins:
1. Players that pick a crap window then end up throwing grenades at your window anyway.

2. Everyone seems to have a favourite staff, I tend to stick to the Ice or Lightning (I think they're the best for power/ammo ratio), so I think players need to compromise and be a team player when deciding who takes which one. I always ask at the start of round 1 if it is alright to take the one I want, but then you get some f**k who decides to get the crystal for the staff you all agreed was someone else's anyway.

3. Players not helping to get the wind/lightning parts. I mean, this really annoys me because a player can be left without a staff till quite a high round if no one is helping to get in the robots or help ride the tank. If no one is helping you on the tank, it costs 2000 points to get the parts yourself.

4. Players that nick the shovel after I've bought the door to no mans land, generator 5 or Church. I saved the points, I opened the door, be polite and let me have the shovel I saved the points for!

Die Rise:

1. The only kind of player I can't play with are the ones that never bother with the trample steam. Meaning no free perk. Great.

2. Recently, there's been some proper F*****S that put a trample steam near the walk way at the AN. You can't see it, you may be running from a train and then BAM their trample steam catapults you off the map. Then you hear a chuckle through their mic. -_-


1. Players that don't warn you when they go into the witches house.

2. Players that get the wall money from the remmington then spend it on the box. I usually spend that money opening the bank so every one can withdraw straight away. I think that's what everyone should do really.

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