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I've had this happen to me in the same place, and multiple times.

A few times a friend was keeping the last zombie, and i just went to box, and when i run through the door, i instantly got downed, and every time that robot was at speed cola, so i know for sure that it's a bug.

Lately i just watch where that robot is, if he's near speed cola, i don't walk near the door, and i haven't gone down on that place since.

And to reply to this topic, the zombies hitting you from miles away is very anoying but i've never gone down by it, so i don't mind.

The box giving bad weapons, that's normal and will never change, but do as i do, if it gives me the same weapon twice in a row (almost all the time it will be the war machine), take it from the box, then it HAS to give you another weapon. But what i have noticed is that in the first week, the box would give a raygun mark II alot, and lately i get it once every four days or so.

And about the shovels, again do as i do, i never take a shovel in the spawn area, i take one of the other, so i don't have the issue that people leave because of that. And if you really want to take a shovel in spawn, play solo, that way you won't have that problem either.

I do think that origins is a hard map, and in the beginning i was one of the people that said it was the worst map, but then i noticed that i was playing on that same worst map for 90% of the time. So now i'll say it's a good map, alot better as buried, cause that map is way to easy, it's no problem to get to round 50 without a sweat, on origins is round 50 a challenge, that's what makes it good.

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You die in mud because a zombie spawns up and traps you. What you have to do is move away from that zombie and move to the right or left. If you don't have jug because you don't have points yet or just got downed and this happens it will seem like you just randomly go down in mud. Especially if you have your back turned. Having zombie shield will help.

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THis is the dumbest thread iv read yet...Each map has its own unique wonder weapon. you cant have staves and a paralyzer...Another thing is anything with the new chatacters like permaperks etc is for there mode not this one.

THe Staves are fine. I think you just need to get better and stop complaing lol. Im sure most people here dont have that much of a terrible time on origins.

ONe thing i agree with you on is the tank. I dont like how the tank crushes you if you miss a lightning staff jump. and i dont like getting crushed in general, atleast let the golden helmet protect you. And the extreme fast zombies are probably just because there super fast running from chaising the tank doesnt always click back to normal.

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agreed and imagine how easy it would be to get all the staffs at least the lightning one if there was a paralyzer in the game, and on top of that the amount of glitches, Ya lets keep the it the way it is shall we.

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