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knifing in bo2

unless they fixed it without telling us, it glitched up.  this game it didnt work so now most dont knife. but knifing now requires that u compensate for lag. this ruins knifing to remove fack lung. this is more of a way arround lagcomp than fixing it.

to devs. working knif is better than broken, dont change the mechanic do to poor lagcomp. last hope is iw returns to mw 2 lagcomp with no lung.

now only those thaat can predict lag can knife well.

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Re: knifing in bo2

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I have never had an issue knifing in the game.  Never had any lag issues dealing with knifing.  run up knife and go.  Might be on your end.

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Re: knifing in bo2

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I think people rely too much on the lunging for knifing.

In MWR I would turn aim assist off with wiimote, and you have to be right up on the person to knife them. This is how I'm good at knifing in BOII

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Re: knifing in bo2

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i noticed, i got good at it too after a while. but i noticed what pissed people off is things like it missing at point blank (almost always a moving target).

but it seems to be knife were they are in real life, not were they actualy are, that way on the other screen you cant lunge, faking a fix. but led to some major BS knifes.

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Re: knifing in bo2

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I've been getting panic knifed so much lately. .__. I hear all this talk of how it's broken but little Timmy comes around the corner and I get 2 bullets off and I'm dead by his knife. :/

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Re: knifing in bo2

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The other day a guy ran up to me to where he was pretty much bumping into my character, I shoot with the M8 and only get 2 hitmarkers, I immediately get knifed and die.  How do you get 2 hitmarkers of 4 bullets when the enemy pretty much covers your whole screen?

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Re: knifing in bo2

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Knifing is terrible on this game 99,9% of the time i miss and end up knifing a wall or getting shot or the 1 time i do manage to knife The player he dies about a second or 2 later .worst knifing on any cod title and ive played them all.

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Re: knifing in bo2

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Good. It makes me happy seeing panic knifers get what they deserve finally.

It's just so damn satisfying to see them suffer after 2 years of guys flying through my bullets like a ballerina and knifing me on BO1. Screw them. I hope the knife gets nerfed even more to further piss off all the knifers out there.

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Re: knifing in bo2

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Weren't they going to get rid of panic knfing all together?

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Re: knifing in bo2

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It's not as easy as you think. You only notice the 1 time where the person runs through and knifes you, but you forget the 10x you sprayed him down with the PDW/AR/whatever.

When you decide to be a knifer, you make a subtle agreement to have you k/d below or slightly above 1. K/d in BO1, .8. K/d in MW3, .7. K/d in BO2, 1.09. In reality, the only time you actually get knifed is if you'rs camping without a shock charge/claymore etc. Or if you're a really bad shot. An average player should be able to take out the average knifer consistently. But when the knifer kills them one time, suddenly the knife is OP.

In reality, almost all situations I could've killed someone with the knife by sneaking around, I could've killed them even easier with a gun. I have to flee from ranged battles, avoid shotgunners, and be precise with ever knife. Along with the tiny range in this game, the wiimote has 0 lunge, making it frustrating to slice someone's side and dying because they back up and spray me down. Which is like 50% of head on encounters. Usually the knifer ends up trying to dosidoe around the enemy but somehow always loses and the shooter kills him. If you die by a knife,

A)you were standing still and didn't notice

B)you moved predictably and had bad aim

C) I got lucky

Think about it like a sniper. They're not really strong like SmGs. You don't use them when tryharding. But when someone quickscopes you that one time even after they missed 20 times, you only notice that one quickscope and call it OP

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