"Nav Card" Parts. Where?

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Re: "Nav Card" Parts. Where?

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For the NAV card table when you get to the tower in the corn its againts the fence. There isnt a table, just go up and a prompt to build will pop up.

Bus parts randomly spawn at Bus Depot, Diner, Farm, and Town behind the turbine doors. Towns is opposite side of where the box spawns in back.

The wire part for jet gun has 3 spots to spawn in power. On the little ledge below the walk way, next to the generator by the part of walkway that fell down, and on a barrel in the hallway after you drop down.

RPD can spawn upstairs in the room with teddy bear and upstairs of the barn on a barrel. Lawn mower can spawn downstairs middle of barn or near the back door of the house by the squared off garden.

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Re: "Nav Card" Parts. Where?

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THANKS. see this guy actually knows what he's doing. The rest of you were just complaining, and not telling me anything. (which means you probably didn't know much else either)

Either way, thanks for some answers. And I'm so sorry to the rest of you for asking a question. Apparently its really annoying. Again thanks, MrHeroSlayer

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Re: "Nav Card" Parts. Where?

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Maybe you also have to 'build' the navcards somewhere, some blueprint table you could add them to? idk

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