"ORIGINS EE" what would you do first?

Black Ops II Wii-U

"ORIGINS EE" what would you do first?

Chests to get thunder punch or Upgrade Staffs?

I like to get air strikes out of the way asap, so by simple math you only need 80kills to upgrade all staffs and you need 190kills to fill the chests. If you indeed concentrate on getting the chests first, you need to get very lucky with robots and amount of zombies to get this done early, I can never pull this off before round 10, upgrading staffs is a lot faster and I can just about always upgrade them by round 10 unless waiting for the snow, they are one hit kill till round 16 so in theory you don’t need the punch until then, also this makes it easier to get air strike early and not to mention that they make the chest filling process a lot easier and faster too.

I am a team player and usually follow team plan, I have noticed that when players want to do the EE and make chests a 1st priority, the game escalates in to higher rounds very fast making air strike hard to get and simply harder to finish the EE or takes longer than it has to, team kills the last zombie in hope to fill the chest or robot stands on it and the list goes on…

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