tombstone permaperk

Black Ops II Wii-U

I cant seem to get the tombstone permaperk on  ps3. 

I have got 4 perks by round 1 many times with no luck. Even 5 on round 1.

Has anyone on ps3 got it yet or am i missing something?

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idk but I think it only works on Die Rise and Burried??

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I dont think theyve added it in yet on ps3, i havent gotten it even with seven perks on round 2

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It is on ps3 i got it on tranzit before buried came out and ive never lost it.

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I know exactly what happened in the two games before I got it, 1st game me and my team done buried EE and I got all 7 perks plus an extra bottle off witches that gave no perk and got to round 33, 2nd game I done the achievement on die rise to get all perks and use pack a punch machine in one game, 3rd game was solo buried where I got downed and kept all perks.

2nd game I feel is irelevent so I think it has something to do with getting all 7 perks and possibly last bottle in a 4 player online match, me and another guy got all perks while 2 didn't, me and the other guy have perma tombstone and the other 2 don't.

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Hmmm, so maybe i should do the easter egg on buried. I havent tried die rise yet but may when i get home

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Unnecessary. I have it and didn't do the EE. I also have it to where it carries over, just in buried, last night didn't buy a 3rd perk until about rnd 15? Still got it when downed later in game. 

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