tranzit, worst zombie map ever created?

Black Ops II Wii-U

I'm with you man.

I like to think of it like this, Treyarch probably had all the maps semi-done, and realized tranzit was not going to be the best, so they made it the disc content so we have to pay for the better maps. E.g. Die rise.

It works for me as i really like Tranzit. The differneces to old maps are what makes it great for me.

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I like Tranzit (Green Run) but the dissapointment is Jet Gun... But Tranzit (Green Run) is Interresting map.

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I think it might be the worst, I didn't like Nacht very much because it's so basic but that's where the zombies started, so it gets extra value for nostalgiac purposes. I think the map is bad, but saying it's the worst doesn't mean it's that bad because it's just that the rest of the maps are that much better. There aren't many bad zombie maps in my opinion, each one is pretty fun. It's just that Green Run might be the least fun of them all, and so technically it's the worst lol

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The thing about map is... It's like a Map dedicated to a Survival Challenge and they did add Mule Kick which was pretty decent of them since it's harder to survive.

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I like transit as well. Play solo and on round 1 just open the bank up, buy jugg and any other perk, buy galva knuckles, hit the box to get a good wepon, and then just go in the tunnel and buy the M16 and train zombies for days. Rack up points put points in the bank, save a zombie go and pap by round 15 and head back to the tunnel. Easiest map to get a lot of points. When you get insta kill just use the grenade launcher equipped with the pap M16 and watch zombies explode to pieces. Very fun map. My least favorite map would have to be shang-ri-la unless playing with 4 other players, just not that fun.

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5 was the worst...tranzit it dope...people cry about it being easy because you can run to the bank in round 1 and get all your guns and perks by round 2...if thats such a major issue...then just dont go to the back lol

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I personally love To each his own, right.

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"FIVE" Was awesome, the Wonder Weapon had a great purpose, the boss round was flat out perfect and the entire map was thought out well.

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i know i loved five, the layout, the thief and beast gun which is The Winter's Howl

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Admittedly it's not the best map ever but I love the fact that its absolutely huge and there are loads of little hideaways between stops (like a prototype of Nacht Der Untoten, for example). The buildable Wonder Weapon is also pretty impressive, if a bit similar to the Thundergun in my opinion. However, the map clearly isn't the best one ever, i think probably Call of the Dead or Der Riese have to be my favourites, but the BO2 ones are growing on me

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