vengence release TIME

Black Ops II Wii-U

does anyone know if the vengence map pack will release at midnight or not becaue i heard that the last 2 map packs released at 5 in the morning and me and my friends have plans for buried at midnight so any intel would be great.

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depends on xbox live, 5am ish US, 10am UK - will not release midnight anywhere

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watch this be the one time they do release it at midnight....

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they dont though

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Hawaii gets it at midnight...ish. :]

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We're six hours behind right now so we should get it at 11.

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I'ma go to hawaii

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It comes down at 5am EST and 10am UK GMT, so work it out based on where you are from.

It is not down to Treyarch/Activision when it is released, it is Microsoft who update the market place, so it is usually around 10:20am we get it UK time.

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nah its earlier than 5. When die rise came out it was at 10am oclock EASTERN TIME but when motd came it it was around 3am oclock EASTERN.. 5 is when xbox live updates but i wouldnt trust that

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These have to be the worst threads known to forums. Seriously, are you stupid? How would we know a release time? Not even Microsoft know what time they are going to push the updates/DLC. And midnight? Lol. It's DLC, Not the release of  grand theft auto 5.

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