what next DLC should be

Black Ops II Wii-U

what next DLC should be

yea zombies are fine. its just missing the feel of the BO maps (kino-COTD) had. tranzit is fine, but some love it others hate it. add in the more classic map and zombies would be complete to almost every kind of zombie player.

the current maps ignooring tranzit just play like varuuckt and nacht. pretty bad for normal survival but okay for greif. its missing the BO classic play, hate not being able to play a map like that wihtout switching games. and i would blaim grief as the old BO maps dont support it to well. here is how i would make it support grief.

1. make doors open for 1 team. if you open the door it opens, then eather closes for the other team when tehy get close, or does some shield effect. only thing they can maiby latch from the other team is stuff that work from power.

2. knifing people out of the way. give the runnign or moving player priority, makes it harder to block a deathstares and killing people like that. make people that are in middle of reviving someone be uneffected by knifers.

3.keep the maps somewhat large, but increase the time it takes to die after bieng donwed on a large map. have yet to see a map large enough for 8 players to do there own thign in zombies.

4. still keep stuff like easter eggs and music in these maps for normal survival. a mode that was ruined  for this version of zombies.

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