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hi guys

new to the forum just wanted to drop some thoughts for zombies and the direction they are going with it.

these are my idea's and predictions most of this is not confirmed

For starters i reckon zombies will get its own disc with all the zombies modes, story, multiplayer on there

Story mode

i'm thinking this will involve all the previos maps from WAW and BO's obviosly having slight changes to accomidate a story

you will start before any of the maps with a cut scene showing how the zombies were created and answering any unanswered qestions.

You will work your way threw all the maps completing story based objectives (e.g.  in call of the dead gainng the golden rod)

Cut scenes will link the maps together and this will continue up too moon where you release sam.

After this, the story will wrap it's self up with events after moon and DLC will add more story levels continuing the story.

I see this as a great way for everyone to enjoy the story and not just the people who have managed to do the easter eggs, me being someone

Who never has due to lack of time/skill/decent team mates.

Classic zombies

You will start off with all maps from WAW and BO's again slight changes new perks, weapons and maybe easter eggs for the maps without,

e.g. Kino and WAW maps, the new map that is supposibly in new brumswick could continue the story via an easter egg, with that map eventually

making it's way into the story mode.


ok so we know that we now have 4v4 zombies with bigger maps i think these are not going to be round based but more points

The team who reaches the alotted point amount or has the most points after ten minutes wins.

No perks, packa-punch, box or weapons on the wall or rounds just start and shoot zombies

getting downed and dieing loses your team points too.

As in multiplayer you have your classes picking your weapons and so on you all know i reckon this will be the same for zombies.

1st pick your main weapon

2nd secondry maybe wonder weapon with limited ammo

3rd grenade semtex or frag

4th special granade, gersh device, dolls etc

5th three perks, e.g. quick revive, double tap, phd flopper, NO JUG

killstreaks will not be your conventual chopper gunner and dogs rather..

50 kills - max ammo

100 kills - insta kill

200 kills - death machine

300 kills - double points

Anyways hope you enjoyed and would like to hear what people think

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i liked your ideas but jug should beone of the perks also you would get a pack a punch at like 1,000 points or something

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these are your ideas, right? this isn't what actually happens?

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yeh my ideas, and i removed jug because of being over powered compared to other players who don't making it more of a level playing feild..

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4v4 might look something like this to some level... They shall reveal all about this on 21th, I hope. I am more interested about the Story and Classic style mode, weapons, characters, pap machine, perks etc. and how the maps will look like, yay!

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well yea i could see the jug being an unfair advantage but thats the point.

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It sounds like you just took multiplayer and put it at zombies maps with zombies perks and guns. That's not how they're gonna do this. They will be using completely new and original games. not just multiplayer with a little zombies added in. More like zombies with just a tad of multiplayer added in along with some completely new stuff.

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i know that they will have more than one mode but i was basing one mode around a team deathmatch style,

And 3aych have said to take a look at multiplayer and you will start to see the things they may be doing with zombie and nothing has been confirmed these are MY thoughts ....

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