7/3 at 10:45pm CST Suddenly Disconnected with Server Error Message

Black Ops II Xbox 360

Well it's not 4:55am CST and my shift is about to end and this night which myself, my sister, and a friend had all planned on spending together playing during the Double Weapon XP weekend has been a bust. We started at 10pm expecting to get to play all night but ever since whatever this is happend even though we were able to get back in games the game party continually drops one or more of us, the lag comes and goes constantly and for about 1 minute out of almost ever game actually gets to the point it says "connection interupted", which is usually when one or more of us are dropped from the game party. Then it clears up again for awhile and we think it's over then mid-way through the next game there it goes again.

Just talked to my boyfriend to say goodnight, he was was also playing tonight in a party with his own friends and he said some of them was having the same problems all night. Most were having problems all night but a couple wasn't just like with us. Seemed hit and miss who it affected.

Really hoping they consider extending the Double Weapon XP weekend or something to make up for all this, a whole night of the time lost.

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