A look back at BO2

Black Ops II Xbox 360


     Its been quite some time since BO2 came out, there were things that we liked and some things we hated about the title. Here are some things I liked and disliked.

1) Footsteps: Has to be the worst thing about the game. Its like everybody has ninja, dead silence is almost useless and awareness doesn't do anything (it raises volume on player movements by 1.65%). I'm guessing they nerfed sound because of MW3's sitrep whining sessions. I miss hunting and hearing enemies, big game changer that slows down the game play for tactical players.

2) Unlocks: I think how the unlocks in this game work are amazing, truly makes you want to get them all and punishes you enough that its always worth it to prestige.

3) Shotguns: After the horrible shotguns from MW3 it was nice to have some that work, I felt like the MW3 shotguns were secondary in primary slots.

4) Game speed: This game is way too fast, the way everything is set up you just get punished for moving around, this game has really slowed me down. Its the COD I have preformed the best in but I liked MW2 and BO better.

5) Perks: Perks are very vanilla in this game, they work but feel muted, slight of hand is gone (dexterity and grip with fast mags is the closest you can get). The sound whoring perks are broken, I for the first time ever run with scavenger most of the time. I use betty's and shock charges to find my enemies.

6) Stealth: They tried to nerf stealth classes to promote run and gun, unfortunately it cripples the tactical players that like to sneak around. So now camping is even more powerful. Scavenger to replen your shock charges and claymores. target finders to see your enemies across the map, ghost wont hide you but who cares let them come.

Anyway looking forward to Ghosts, enjoyed this title allot. What are some  things you enjoyed or didn't about BO2.

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