Apocalypse trailer is here!

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Pod, Frost and Takeoff look great in my opinion! I'm a bit wary of how Dig will pan out, but it should be fun for FFA for sure.

The new Zombies map looks pretty crazy too.

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Glad to see they clarified it all for us, Dig isn't a reskin of Courtyard, its just simply inspired by Courtyard. and Yeah Zombies looks pretty interesting lol

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Frost looks good, but unless the August patch really addresses the spawn and lag issues, I'm not holding my breath for the rest of them.

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Just to make it easier...

My thoughts-

Pods- Interesting idea, I am a little concerned about all of the small rooms and chances for Head-glitching and corner camping, but it looks to be perhaps a new layout we haven't seen.

Frost- I am going to love this map just because it takes place in one of my favorite cities, Amsterdam. If they capture the personality of that town, I am going to enjoy it.

Takeoff- Eh, a Re-skin. I think after a game or two it is just going to play like Stadium did. I enjoyed Stadium, but I've played it a lot... hopefully this one will have a lot to look at and won't get old fast.

Dig- Will have to wait and see. I like the aesthetic and concept, but we'll have to see how they make it work.

Even Origins looks intriguing, and I am not a Zombies fan.

Keeping an enthusiastic outlook for this one, last DLC for BO2 so just going to enjoy it. (Can we stop with the DLC 5 speculation now?)

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Can we stop with the DLC 5 speculation now?

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