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Lots of people. I hope everyone of those punks get banned. If Treyarch allows people to Cheat their way up to 11th prestiege, then that's like saying, "It's okay to wall hack" or "Use God mode".

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Good hopefully the fool i reported the other day with ''i heart hitler'' and swastikas all over his emblem will get a nice surprise

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i reported one guy who had a D**k on is card with white snow i sent him a message telling him i  have reported him,,he said so what game is shit..i checked his record in game stats he's on it basically 24/7 lol

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wow  bragging about tattle taleing on someone. i hope your 12 years old cause if your not thats utterly pathetic haha

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always one no not bragging and if you look round the forum there  are alot of people mentioning they have repoted cocky peoples cards..this guy wound me up because of recent voice message he sent..also his language was a joke during the gameplay..

so why not let him know i have reported hm?is that a crime

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Its not tattling. Its called us following the rules while others blatently ignore them and get punished for doing so.

Simple thing here, you follow the rules and you wont get reset or receive any kind of ban. It is a simple thing to follow yet these kids and (I am embarassed to say) grown people in their 20s keep breaking these rules all because they either think they wont get caught or think it is funny. Then they get mad when they get caught and come on here saying they did nothing wrong.

We go through this every year.

KT Phoenix
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Says the guy who probably has either:

a. a swastika

b. a p!@#s

c. an animal @#$!@! off

You do that childish garbage for attention.  If attention is what you want, attention is what you get.  Simple.

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Lol I cant wait for the excuses "ERMAHGERD! My friend invited me to a game and started a theatre clip, then I prestiged, and he invited me 10 more times! Its not my fault! DEEERRRPPPPP"

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I understand what some people are saying above about other issues being more important but there isn't just three guys sat at a desk, there are whole teams of people working on specific areas of the game.

If there's a problem with lag the boss doesn't ask Dave from game security to come over and help out for a few hours, it doesn't happen like that.

The teams of people who are dealing with issues such as lag in the game will them resolved any quicker if glitches, hacking and boosters are ignored for a few weeks.

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